BNP urges PM to apologise for her Khaleda remarks

09 Dec,2017

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Accusing the Prime Minister of giving ‘false and defamatory’ information about its chief Khaleda Zia and her family members’ assets in Saudi Arabia, BNP on Friday urged her apologise for it or to face legal action.

“The PM’s comments on siphoning off money by BNP chairperson Khaleda are totally false, fabricated and baseless. The main motive behind such imaginary story of corruption is to dent the image of her and her family members and politically malign them,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

Speaking at a press conference, he further said, “Make an apology for disseminating false and defamatory information. Or else, we’ll be forced to take legal action.”

Fakhrul said the Prime Minister’s remarks are not only baseless, but also illegal and punishable.

The BNP leader also urged the Prime Minister to withdraw her comments immediately. “We strongly protest and condemn her comments. We call upon her to refrain from making such indecent comments that are devoid of political etiquette and good taste.”

BNP arranged the press conference at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office for giving reaction to Prime Minister Sheikh Hsian’s press conference comments.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina voiced her discontent as the mainstream media did not run any report on Khaleda Zia’s ’assets in Saudi Arabia’.

“Our media didn’t run news that Khaleda owns a large shopping mall in Saudi Arabia…it’s very unfortunate that I’ve seen no interest on the part of the local media, except for two TV channels and two newspapers, to run the news.”

"I don't understand why the [local] media is so weak towards the patrons of assailants and anti-liberation forces,” the PM told journalists at a press conference on her Cambodia tour at Ganobhaban. 

According to some media reports based on the information by Global Intelligence Network’ and ‘Canadian TV channel The National, anti-corruption investigation in Saudi Arabia revealed that Khaleda and her family members have assets in that country.

Fakhrul said it is usual for the country’s responsible media not to run the news on such imaginary and politically motivated information.

The BNP leader said the Prime Minister’s effort to force the media to make report on imaginary corruption allegations against Khaleda and her two sons exposed her political vengeance, meanness and bankruptcy.

He also urged the PM not to throw a stone sitting in a glasshouse as her government is indulging in mega plundering in the name of mega projects.

Fakhrul said their party strongly condemns US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

He said their party demands the US President revoke the decision and accept the justified demands of Palestinians.


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