President for inventing technology-based agricultural production method

14 Feb,2018



Dhaka, BdChronicle:


President Md Abdul Hamid on Wednesday urged the country’s agriculturists and researchers to invent sustainable technology-based and environment-tolerant agricultural production method using their knowledge.


“At present, the risk and cost of agricultural production have seen a rise. Traditional knowledge and technology-based agricultural production system doesn’t work now. So, we’ve to pay special attention to inventing sustainable technology-based and environment-tolerant agricultural production method as well as its expansion using acquired knowledge,” he said.


The President was addressing a discussion on the occasion of the Krishibid Day 2018 organised by Krishibid Institution Bangladesh (KIB) at its auditorium in the city.


Hamid also underscored the need for introducing a method for producing various varieties of rice in Haor areas in a short period. “Besides, I think it is important to find ways to produce alternative crops.”


Mentioning that climate change has adversely affected biodiversity worldwide, he said this situation will further deteriorate if the environmental pollution is not stopped. “The adverse impact of climate change is affecting many developing countries, including Bangladesh. Agriculturalists and researchers will have to play an effective role in overcoming the situation,” the President said.


He said the crops of the vast Haor areas were submerged due to early flood last year, threatening the food production.


Mentioning that the strategy to meet the food shortage through importing food grains is very risky, the President said, “There’s no alternative to increasing food production to ensure food security. For this, we’ve to take short, medium and long-term effective and sustainable plans and programmes,” he added.


Hamid said country's fertile agricultural land is gradually losing its productivity due to intensive use of chemical fertiliser and excessive use of pesticides. “Therefore, farmers should be encouraged to increase the use of organic fertiliser and organic pesticides reducing the stake of chemical fertilisers and pesticides,” he said.


Fisheries and Livestock Minister Narayon Chandra Chand  and KIB general secretary Md Khairul Alam Prince also spoke at the programme with KIB president AMM Saleh in the chair.


Earlier, the President distributed the Krishi Padak 2017 and Krishi Padak 2018 among the recipients.


One organisation and five individuals, including a woman, received the Krishi Padak 2017, while one organisation and four individuals, including one female, were awarded the Krishi Padak 2018 in different categories.


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