Lull in ACC activity a matter of ‘strategy, nothing else’: Chairman

12 Mar,2018

Dhaka, BdChronicle:

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood on Sunday said there is no alternative to good governance, accountability in the  bureaucracy, quality education and a strong, robust oversight mechanism for achieving sustainable development goals (SDG).

He made the comments during a discussion at the ACC headquarters with a three-member delegation of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) headed by a representative of its South Asian Regional Office Sergey Capinoz.

The chairman of the ACC told the delegation that there should be strong oversight mechanism for monitoring the activities of every organization. There may also be an effective framework for monitoring the activities of the Commission.

He apprised the visitors of how every activity of the ACC can be challenged through the legal process, while all the activities of the Commission are presented to the President through annual report. There is a legal opportunity to discuss this annual report in Parliament.

Denying the allegations of stagnation in the activities of the Commission, he said “We do not agree with their statement, the commission is working strategically. Sometimes to properly monitor the activities of the corrupt people and bring them under the law, we take strategic approach to go slow. There is nothing else.”

Warning the corrupt, he said that“No one will be allowed to destroy our next generation’s golden future. Everyone who is corrupted will have to come under the law today or tomorrow. This is an ongoing process.”

Explaining the thinking behind the Swatota Sangha (Integrity Unit) and the Swatota stores in 25,000 in different educational institutions, chairman Iqbal Mahmood said that they are part of the Commission’s long-term efforts to realize the good society, where honesty and accountability can be said to prevail.

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