100th Bike Friday Celebrated: The Bicycle revolution taken to the next level

29 Jan,2014

Staff Correspondent:


Round figures do matter. They are easy to understand, calculate and remember. But they are extremely hard to achieve.


The same went for the 100th BIKE FRIDAY, the one hundredth edition to the popular weekend ride organized by the BDCYCLISTS.



Bike Fridays are targeted at medium and semi-professional riders who are energetic enough to wake up at 5.30am in the dawn and risk the deserted and quiet roads of Dhaka to reach the one and only meeting point at Manik Mia Avenue and ride in a group all the way to the outskirts of Dhaka. 



This 24th of January, 2014, the 100th Bike Friday was celebrated in style, just for the cause of this long journey the BDCYCLISTS began three years back. The day required weeks of preparation by the Organizers and the Moderators, who wanted to make the event worth remembering. 



The title ‘Bike Friday’ is easily understood. One can define it in various ways, but one thing that will be common is that it will be on a Friday, the day we crave to see after a week of hard work in the office or in classrooms. This is the most sought after event with its popularity falling right below the monthly Critical Mass, which is targeted at all categories of cyclists and is an intra-city ride just for the sake of promoting the idea that Bicycle can be an alternative to mainstream transportation.


In this 100th edition, a thousand Bicyclists joined with pride. They had this feeling that they were a part of something big, something worth mentioning. The Organizers and Moderators were delighted to see the level of solidarity the people came with. The ride started from Manik Mia Avenue and finished at the First Ghatarchor Primary School, Keraniganj where different arrangements were done. Cakes were brought, cut down and distributed. Game shows were also organized.




Boasting a staggering 32000+ members, The BDCYCLIST Facebook Group page was flooded with each and every rider’s emotion; most of it was love and devotion to two wheels on an aluminum frame run by human muscle.


An ecstatic participant from the event said “I might live to see the 1000th edition of the Bike Friday and wonder what would be organized that day.”


If one considers the growing number of Bicyclists gracing the streets of Dhaka, it can easily be said that a day will come when a separate lane will be allocated for Bicyclists only. 



Kudos to the Organizers, Moderators, the Bicycle Clubs, the Bicycle Business and mostly the Riders who made it possible to bring along this Bicycle Revolution from zero to the most happening activity one can think of.

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