Jamaat calls for annulling the quota; condemns cases against protesters

13 Jul,2013


Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Rafiqul Islam Khan on Saturday released a statement calling for annulment of the exisiting quota system in all public exams and condemning cases against the protesters demanding an end to quota.


The statement comes as the students and job seekers have demonstrated at universities across the country demanding an end to the quota system.


Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan said, "The number meritorious educated unemployed are rising in the country due to the quota system being effective and acute frustration is forming among the meritorious students and youths."


The Jamaat Acting Secretary General also said, "Accepting the demand of the protesting students and youths, this problem should be solved swiftly. But attacking them by police and party cadres without considering their rational demands is very sad and painful. We think quota system needs to be annulled to create skilled and competent administrative leadership."


He also called on the government to withdraw false cases against the protesters and to release the protesters who have been arrested in these cases.

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