Road’s conditions are horrible; repair is a must
Ali Ahmed
28 Oct,2017

Several roads and highways across the country are in miserable condition. In many places, roads are even not in a position to use.

Lots of potholes have been created due to lack of proper and on-time repair. Besides, heavy rainfall, flood and waterlogging damaged the roads. As a result, the vehicles cannot move normally through the roads and highways which are causing unbearable traffic jam. Public sufferings know no bounds. I have met a person recently who was coming from Comilla to Dhaka in an ambulance with his ailed sister. But they remained stuck on the highway for several hours and resultantly his sister suffered a lot. So roads within the city and the outside are becoming the reason behind mass tragedy right now. 

Many streets in the two city corporations are in serious condition. Nonstop rain and waterlogging make the roads useless. Moreover, road cutting and digging for the sake of development works create bad condition. In a recent television talk show program, a guest naturally claimed, Huang He River is known as China’s sorrow and so as this traffic jam becomes the sorrow of Dhaka city.

According to a statistic of two city corporations, about 600 kilometers roads are dilapidated condition. Of them, Dhaka North City Corporation's Malibagh-Mouchak to Rampura-bridge road is damaged most. Some people blamed the construction of Mowchak-Malibag flyover for such sufferings. As the flyover has been inaugurated so now we may expect some better happenings. While, Dhaka South City Corporation's Jatrabari to Kutubkhali road condition is very poor. Random potholes in these roads made the condition worst. Traffic jam and wastage of time became regular matter to the users of these roads.

Outside of Dhaka, 11 kilometers road in Agaijhara Bypass of Barisal-Khulna highway is in dilapidated condition. Transport vehicles of Barisal, Patuakhali and Barguna run through the route. Even, the construction equipments of Payra Sea Port are being transported using the road. The authority repaired the road in last June but, the road became useless just after three months. People's suffering and road accidents are increasing in the troublesome route.

Similarly, Bahaddarhat to Kalurghat roads of Chittagong City Corporation are also in miserable condition. Potholes due to flood and rain made the street useless. As a result, people in that route are also suffering. 

Many roads and highway of Comilla are dilapidated condition. Taking risk, long-rout vehicles are plying these roads. The carpeting of the roads washed away creating innumerable potholes. Ultimately, the transport system becomes slow. In addition, Comilla-Noakhali and Comilla-Sylhet local roads are also in poor condition.

Immediate repair work is must in these roads and highways. However, some repair tasks were taken in two phases during the two Eid festivals. Rest of the repair and new construction works should be started soon. Sometimes, it was seen that goods laden truck got stuck in these potholes creating long tail back. Even, export-import procedures get hampered due to this type of incidents. 

Water logging and overloaded trucks damage roads and highway. Besides, poor repair works can't bring major change in the roads. So, the authority should take steps to ensure sustainable construction especially roads near ports.