Dhaka requires an integrated plan
Miftah Haidar
14 Nov,2017

As it currently stands, our capital city needs a lot of work. While the authority has attempted to resolve the various issues- making infrastructural improvements in the form of flyovers and u-loops — this is nowhere near enough to fix Dhaka’s problems in the long run. But there are other cities in the world that have suffered and have vastly improved and Dhaka could learn to take a page out from their book of experience.

If there is one thing we as a nation have lacked, it is long-term planning.

Currently, the fact that Dhaka is divided into two parts, with each section functioning almost autonomously, is not ideal. This leaves room for various development plans which contradict each other, thereby creating chaos in the long run.

This involves paying attention not just to the city, but taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. If the various municipalities involved worked together, keeping the needs of the people in mind while making improvements to the capital, Dhaka could improve much more, and faster.

As it stands, Dhaka has various issues:  Curbing traffic congestion, dealing with rapid urbanisation, finishing infrastructural projects, reducing pollution, and encouraging decentralisation.

For Dhaka to make real headway, there needs to be a unified plan where the city corporations — as well as the various agencies involved — talk to each other.

We need to work together if we want Dhaka to improve.