Mysteries of the missing persons
Ali Ahmed
30 Dec,2017

The much talked about disappearance and reappearance of individuals from various walks of life, and the government's indifferent attitude particularly when it comes to investigating their cases as well as its contradictory narratives and statements from time to time in regards to these disappearances, only increase a feeling of insecurity and a sense of mystery among citizens.

Over the last few days, two such missing persons—Mubashar Hasan and Utpal Das—fortunately returned home but were unable to tell who their abductors were. Meanwhile, Kalyan Party leader who too had been missing for nearly four months was allegedly discovered and shown arrested by the police only hours after Mubashar had returned home recently.

It is not that we are pointing the finger at the government and blaming it for the disappearances, but we must question its lack of interest when it comes to investigating these incidents. If it's criminal gangs that are carrying out these heinous disappearances than why isn't the government trying harder to apprehend them? What is the government gaining by not getting to the bottom of these disappearances? Isn't it, in fact, self-defeating? These disappearances are, after all, putting a clear blemish on the government's reputation at home and abroad.

Although we are pleased to see these people return to their families, we understand that the entire experience for them must have been horrific. Given that some of them have been missing for months, it is understandable why they have not been able to give clear answers to all questions as yet.

Meanwhile, there are still others who remain missing with no information regarding their situation. However, the little that they have said so far should be taken seriously by the government which needs to start investigating these cases properly if it wants people to have any confidence in its ability to protect them.