Question paper leakage must be stopped
Ali Ahmed
11 Feb,2018

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations of 2018 started on February 1. At the same time the problem question leakage issue has been raised again. No solution is found yet to get rid of the crisis. So far there is not a single exam, which has taken place without the incident of question leakage.

Media reported that the question of Bangla 1st paper allegedly leaked on the very first day of the examination. Besides, there is also an allegation that the same thing happened with Bangla 2nd paper on February 3. To the latest, the question of Mathematics exam has been found in messenger, whatsapp and all other social media apps.

It is seen that the steps taken by education minister or concerned authorities were not fruitful in this regard. It’s a matter of great sorrow for the whole nation. A negative impact was seen among the students due to question leakage. The guardians are also in tension. After hard working, students took preparation for examination. But, the question leakage just before the exams is really depressing. The government has taken the latest decision to decrease the bandwidth speed on the day of exam. To the guardians and the concerned quarters, such a step is nothing but a ridiculous move.

On the other hand, negative attitudes have been created among the students. Some of them think that why they will work hard for the examinations if the questions are available before final exam. Taking the leaked question papers, they wish to cut good marks. May be some of them will secure GPA 5. But, will they be able to do for the nation in future? Actually, in their career, these students will not be able to give anything to the nation. Ultimately, there will be widespread impact on the country and nation.

People are losing trust on examinations due to question leakage. The questions of BCS examination, various types of recruitment examination, university admission even school level examinations are being leaked. The situation seems to us that examination meaning question leakage! Question leakage incidents put the whole education system in a trouble. There is an allegation that teachers got involved with the question leakage gangs. The whole situation astonished us on the context of ethics, morality and conscience.

There is also an allegation that criminals are doing the heinous question leakage incidents forming syndicate. It is not acceptable at all. Exemplary punishment should be ensured against question leakers. Only tough speech of concerned person is not enough in this regard. Hard steps should be taken at any cost against them who got involved with question leakage. We expect the administration will be active in this regard.

Another thing is, mainstream media can play a significant role in this regard. There are many television channels which are working in Bangladesh now. These media can take a bold decision to hold an investigative report to identify and persecute the syndicate members who are behind these artificial crises. Everybody should act strongly in this regard otherwise, the backbone of our education will be collapsed.