Asif Mahmood Abbas
19 Aug,2013

Do you know what my real problem is? I often get abstracted; I habitually get sad and frustrated and it feels like - this is the closing stages of my world. It feels like no one cares for me and at last I wrap up the whole thing by saying, so what am I going to do now with my stupid life?





What are the more apparent answers? Maybe I should cut my wrist, maybe I begin to take drugs and if the case gets too awful, how about ending everything – suicide!



Now see in your mind's eye the circumstances when a teenage girl, who was made-up to take pleasure in the world, hangout with her dear ones and spellbind the world with her talents, ends up in doing something horrific. In this case, it's not suicide or the most widespread relationship problems or drugs, which actually took place too; she took the scheme to kill two people. They are the same person, who raised her for eighteen long years, her own parents.




This is the chronicle of Oishee, the new talk-of-the-town. Oishee Rahman is a seventeen year old O'level student, who became the headline of all news sources by surrendering to the Paltan Police Station on Saturday. She accepted that she stabbed her mother 11 times and 2 times to her father killing to death. And the leading reasons according to many newspapers are her bad influences, her drug dependence and the recent severe parenting.




Days before, DMP Joint Commissioner Monirul Islam at a press briefing at Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) media office said that: “The couple had been given sedatives with tea or coffee before they were killed,” and “The gold ornaments missing from the house since the murder had been recovered from the two bags Oishee took with her when she left her home Thursday morning”.



Maybe this is not the first such case, in the world criminal record. The verity on which I want to wonder about is why these sorts of cases reiterate itself year by year. Every time after such thing come to pass, we see the fretful authority to act so concerned but in reality, they were just bluffing their duties. The uprising of this sort of psychological illness is a serious apprehension among the teenagers and youths of today.



Sometime in real life, it's very tough to avoid feeling stressed and pressure can build up in many areas of our personal life (in society, in school, at home, at work pace and while making big decisions of our life). But that doesn't mean we will give up. We need to know how to embark upon those problems and move on with our life. Now the question is, who is going to teach us those values and who are conscientious if I'm not able to differentiate and judge the difference between the right and the wrong. Is my school liable for not including mental health chapters in our science books? Or is it the deficient of our parents, friends and teachers for not accepting me properly. Or is it the thick layer of ice that prevails in our society because of which we cannot talk outspokenly and freely with our peers about our troubles and try to solve them right away! 



World Health Organization (WHO) studies shows that mental illness often begins in Youth & treatment delays worsen issues. 50% of all life-time cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and three-quarters of all lifetime. Mental illnesses strike individuals in the prime of their lives, often during adolescence and young adulthood. 10% of children and adolescents globally suffer from serious emotional and mental disorders that cause significant functional impairment in their day-to-day lives at home, in school and with friends. All ages are susceptible, but the young and old are especially vulnerable. Anxiety disorders often begin in childhood, mood disorders in later adolescence & substance abuse in the early 20’s. Washington University research showed that mental illness is now the leading reason for hospitalization of people aged 5-19 years.



The surprisingly outrageous news of Oishee might help us to agree to the fact that, how dangerous is mental illness and how much easier it is for us to get affected-in this busy life of ours. The same real life, where people are once in a blue moon seen to be helpful to each other and does not have any idea of what true real-love is. The same society where kids are growing up with the ideology and philosophies of the house maids and the car drivers, because they are the one who were there for them, while their parents were busy making riches. The worst of all case is, when the bonding and breakups shown on the TV serials are more significant to them than their own family.



We as human being, we need to be loved, we want to see that people think about for us. Starting from our parents to our siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, we want them to be with us in our time of needs. Only then we will be aware of the value of giving and will learn from that experience by sharing what we get. When we are feeling low, we need friends alongside us to embrace our hands and to say that it's ok if we face some ups and downs in our life. We don't want to be discouraging and all broken up when nothing goes all right in our frenzied life, but we are aware that a trouble-free smile from our parent's face can help us to get the guts to get to the bottom of everything and start all over again.




We are the children, teens and youths of today. We don't have much know-how on how to deal with the world. One thing is for sure that we are swift learners, and no matter how much we nag or cry, if something is taught to us with love and friendliness then trust us, we will accept them with all our hearts.



I think, Oishee is just another dim-witted victim of the society who failed to provide her moral teachings, family values, as a result she ended up being mentally ill – and as usual did something which no one will ever endorse. One thing is for sure, we don't want to see another Oishee. Let's extend love among our loved ones set up the habit of talking to people because its helps and it helps a lot.


#The writer is doing his undergrad in EEE, EECS at North South University (NSU); has extensive record of volunteering for the physically challenged children and community services with several youth driven organizations.