Private universities grind to a halt during hartal and blockade
28 Feb,2015

Bangladesh has been standstill, especially education system. Students of the both public universities and private universities juddered and ground to a halt as the 54th day of countrywide blockade along with hartal has been persisting. The continuous blockade and specifically hartal on the week days has been bending the spine of the university education system.

The renowned private universities in Dhaka where the main education hub is located; Universities like BRAC, NSU, IUB, AIUB, EWU and many more are the major medium for a quarter a million of students who are looking up to get into the much competitive job market. In a spiral webbed job market like Bangladesh where only bachelor degree is the key to getting a job, the final year students are on their knees and gravely worried about their graduations.

Since the early of January, the regular classes of NSU, IUB and BRAC have been cancelled until 22nd of February when NSU and IUB returned to both of their regular routine irrespective of the hartal. These created quite a fuss among the students, specially the students of NSU. On the 23rd of February a group of students gathered in the center court of the campus with a slogan “Safety First” which turned into the biggest protest in NSU by the students. At a point the NSU authority had to agree with students for their safety. Meanwhile IUB students were also at the verge to boycott classes as it was a matter of life risk to travel in this violent environment of Dhaka.

In addition to these, a parked car in front of BRAC University’s campus was burnt to ashes and cocktails were thrown aiming the campus gate. All these pushed the front row universities, NSU, IUB, BRAC, AIUB and others to cancel the classes on the hartal days.

The students have been the main victim as the valuable money and time both are at stake by the class cancellation of universities.

NSU have been going through a process to get a north American accreditation for it is business school for which they are lacking behind, what will be the fate of the students and their grades, only time will say.


(The writer, Rahat Iqbal Chowdhury is a BBA student of Independent University, Bangladesh. He can be reached at ric_karate@yahoo.com)