• Album Name: Smile of the least

  1. Bangladesh, one of Asia-Pacific region’s least developed countries. Almost 47 million people in this country live under the poverty line. Surprisingly though, the country stays among the top 15 countries in happy planet index where experienced well-being is significantly higher than the most developed countries. What is the secret? We Wonder.

  2. Meet 30 year old Kawsar, a father of two. Came to the city empty handed. His fried peanuts and lentils earn him merely $4 a day! What keeps you going? We ask. ‘Providing for my children, Sir’, he replied with a smile

  3. ‘You are a great father, Kawsar’, we say. With a shy smile, he offers us a pack of fried lentils

  4. 24 year old Anwar is a full of life lad. When we say his smile is beautiful, he replies, ‘I smile all the time’

  5. He sells seasonal blackberry fruit. ‘What do you do when the season ends?’ His smile spreads. ‘I sell the next seasonal fruit available’. Anwar’s reply marvels us

  6. We ask him to pose. He willingly does

  7. Still in his teen, Babu is a great example of determination and hard work. With his Tk 400 (5 USD) earning per day, he provides for his family comprising five members

  8. Diligent Babu merely smiles. But when we ask, he does and we see his family smile with him

  9. It has been only seven days since Selim (28) started his roadside dessert outlet

  10. He sells sweet yogurt served with banana and puffed rice. ‘I earn Tk 300-500 ($4- $6) a day, Sir’ he answers our query

  11. ‘I couldn’t go to school. But my children will do, yes they will.’ A determined Selim tells us

  12. Usually shy Sohrab talks with us while working. ‘Police seized my station a few days ago and threw me away from the place. But I’m back now.’ His smile shows the respite

  13. Sohrab holds his water filter tightly. ‘Where else would I go? This is all I have.’ His determination tells us the story of Bangladesh

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