• Album Name: Chawkbazar iftar bazar: Dhaka's ultimate gastronomic delight

  1. One must visit the older part of Dhaka, popularly known as ‘Puran Dhaka’ to experience the legacy of Mughal food culture that dates back to 15th Century when Dhaka used to be the military base of the then Mughal Empire. To the Dhaka commuters’ gastronomic delight; Puran Dhaka’s Chawkbazar is one of the most happening places among Dhaka eateries during Ramadan. Although there is much apprehension about the greasy food that Chawkbazar sells, it is a ‘must go’ place for Dhaka people during Ramadan

  2. A long line of vendors with mouth-watering food at old Dhaka's Chawkbazar

  3. Seller with range of dates, the quintessential item at iftar

  4. The realm of spicy food at Chawkbazar

  5. 'Morog mosallam', a traditional dish made with roasted chicken

  6. 'Shuti Kabab' is one of Chawkbazar's best sold items

  7. Made of grilled beef, Shuti kabab is a champion item among the food lovers

  8. You haven't quite tasted 'Puran Dhaka''s delicacy if not tasted 'boro baper polai khai', another best sold item at Chawkbazar

  9. 'Jali kabab', 'Piaju', 'Beguni' are among the common items sold at Chawkbazar which you can find elsewhere

  10. Up for selling , down for making: ensuring adequate supply to meet the high demands

  11. Array of snacks are also available

  12. Lamb leg roast: the ultimate spicy experience

  13. For a change, you can also buy cheese

  14. A range of dairy products, perhaps a healthier option for many

  15. 'Dahi vada' or famously known as 'doi bora' is made of fritter-type snack soaked in yogurt is also a popular choice

  16. Chawkbazar's most famous sweet, 'Bombay Jilapi' (aka Bombay Jalebi)

  17. 'Firni', a famous choice for the dessert lovers

  18. A breath of fresh air? Chawkbazar does not dishearten those who are not particularly interested in greasy delicacies

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