• Album Name: 'Trip Down the Memory Lane' series: Lalbagh Fort- Part 2

  1. This 1904 picture shows the tomb of Pori Bibi at Lalbagh Fort. Photo courtesy: British Library and Bangladesh Old Photo Archives

  2. 'Pori Bibir Mazar' (Tomb of Pori Bibi) now

  3. From a different angle overlooking the Diwani-i-Aam

  4. A water channel with fountains in front of the tomb. A similar one could be found on the other side too

  5. A view of the grave of Pori Bibi beneath the tomb

  6. A view from top

  7. A cannon inside the Fort area which Mughal Artillery used during warfare

  8. Graves inside the fort

  9. The wall of the security block where the soilders occupied for Fort security used to stay

  10. A look inside the security block

  11. Northern gateway of the fort

  12. Visitors taking pictures at the gate

  13. Previousy a waterway now turned into a green field inside the Fort

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