• Album Name: Dhanmondi Lake: Evening View

  1. The palace besides the Dhanmondi lake is locally known as “Jahaj Bari”(boat house). But the owner of this house named this house as ‘Chistiya/Chistia Palace’. Photo @ Russell John

  2. Chistia Palace was built in the 1990s by A.K.M. Anwarul Huq Chowdhury. Photo @ Jubair

  3. An evening view of the distinctive castle overlooking Dhanmondi Lake at Road no- 5. Photo @ Quazi A Hussain

  4. Owner, A.K.M. Anwarul Huq Chowdhury popularly known as Sher-e-Khwaja was a religious leader cum business tycoon. He adopted the name of the silsila or spiritual order of the Chistia disseminated by Khwaja Mainuddin Chisti (R.A.). Photo @ Mahmud

  5. This shot was taken at night before it started raining. Photo @ Meer Sadi

  6. This type of palace is a renaissance to Islamic architecture, it is outlined to show the name of God ‘Allahhu’ in Arabic from particular angle. The tall tower regards as ‘alif’ and the two adjacent structures representing ‘laam’ and ‘ha’. Photo Nirjhor

  7. A.K.M. Anwarul Huq, known as Sher-e-Khwaja claimed he designed, architect and engineered. He said the entire concept and mode of the project came to him in a trance

  8. The combination of heavenly blue sky and green earth is an escape from the chaotic city life. Photo @ Sarfaraz

  9. During the evening sunlight as it gets comforting and air becomes cooler with soft breezes. Photo @ Soumen Saha

  10. A more close night look of the Chistia Palace (Jahaj Bari). Here is a wonderful escape of life

  11. The trees with rustling leaves and the chirping birds, ripples of the lake and tranquillity of the surroundings evoke a sense of serenity to the mind. Photo @ A Nur Tony

  12. Dhanmondi Lake is a perfect getaway amidst the hustle bustle of busy life. Photo @ M Rahman

  13. Dhanmondi Lake is much more than a water body surrounding the area. Photo @ Nirjhor

  14. Dhanmondi Lake has it all and Trends will take a stroll along the lake to see what it offers Photo @ Nirjhor

  15. Ride a boat and take a fresh breath at Dhanmondi Lake. Photo @ S A Chowdhury

  16. Almost all the days there at Rabindra Sarabar you to enjoy like live concert

  17. Dingi, a restaurant with aesthetic beauty at night to roam with mind

  18. From health to culture, food to fun – Dhanmondi Lake has it all and Trends will take a stroll along the lake to see what it offers

  19. Come and take a fresh breath at Dhanmondi Lake at night

  20. This artistic design of the Dhanmondi-8 bridge also adds another beauty to the lake. Photo @ Jubair

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