• Album Name: Investigative photography on child workers: Fallen Stars

  1. Popy, 8, collects garbage with her mother at dump yard. She likes to play with her doll. She even brings her doll at dump yard and play with it. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  2. Shafik carrying brick with curt to burn in pile which is lower from average height and he fell down suddenly. Often accident occurs at brick field. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  3. Azgar on the way to sell his collected materials from Anandabazar dump yard in Chittagong. He has been doing this from last three years. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  4. The substance of aluminum factory is very risky for the workers where they are completely exposed without any protecting gear. Shakil, 12, covered with all those aluminum substance at the factory. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  5. Rubel, 12, washes his body when he back home after finish work on aluminum factory. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  6. Shakil, 12, falls asleep on his tools after hard work at aluminum factory. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  7. At brickfield workers have only rice and vegetable for their lunch. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  8. Poli, 6, works at residential house in Chittagong. Suddenly a wave of popular song comes loudly from the outside and then she can’t control herself to rock her with the wave of song. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  9. Shafik, 11, working above the pile of burning bricks in a brickfield. The work is extremely dangerous and vulnerable for children. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

  10. Shafik, 11, sits beside river in the evening and thinking about his family. © Md Shahnewaz Khan

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