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Introduction – Triphala is an ancient word of Sanskrit Language known as Three Fruits. ( Tri – Three & Phala – Fruits )Today’s people only know about this word that it is an Ayurvedic medicine which is very beneficial for the body and health, which is absolutely correct but apart from this there are many other benefits of Triphala Powder about which most people are not aware.

What is Triphala Powder?

Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine that is being used from 2000 years ago. It consists of three types of dried fruits like Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). It is used in stomach related problems like constipation, abdominal pain, and cavity in teeth. It helps to give a long life to a person and improve the overall health.

Triphala is a polyherbal medicine that consists of various kinds of medical herbs. Polyherbal formulations are used as an ayurvedic medicine, which helps to prevent health problems. It is also believed that the use of Triphala in combining form is more powerful than the single component


benefits of triphala

Benefits of Triphala Powder.

There are many benefits of Triphala like it helps to reduce weight, and it also works as a detoxifier. By eating junk and unhealthy food, our body increases the toxins, which can make us sick. So, Triphala helps to remove those toxins from our body.

Another benefit of Triphala helps to cure the digestion problems, which are very common nowadays. It is an immunity booster that fights with many infections and makes us safe.

Triphala is also beneficial in dental problems like a cavity, gum disease, mouth ulcers, etc. Joint and bone pains are also very common in old age people. Triphala gives the nutrients to your bone and maintains good bone health.

Do you know, what causes any disease in our body?

If any disease arises in the human body, the reason for this is

Wind, bile, and phlegm. 

If these three are in balance, then you are measured to be free of disease. Any Disease origination in our body from these three reasons only, If any one of them is not balanced, then you can get sick and very sick.

By taking Triphala Powder, prepared in the Right Proportion, Wind, bile, or phlegm would be cured for long life.

What does Triphala do for the body?

Triphala helps to maintain the blood pressure in our body if we take it daily. Blood pressure can lead to many big diseases in the human body, so; Triphala can be helpful for that. It also helps to keep the hormone in the human body at the correct place, which is very important to work typically.

Diabetic patients can also take advantage of Triphala, and it is another treatment to balance a sugar level in the human body. Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine which is also helpful to remove the bad cholesterol from our body and improve the blood circulation. Overall, it works a tonic in heart disease, Diabetic and blood pressure, etc.

What is the Right Method to make Triphala?

Triphala Powder is Prepared by Grinding these three fruits together. Important things to Know the Ratio of these fruits to prepare the Triphala Powder and in what proportion to use which fruit. The method of making Triphala is hidden in its correct Ratio. If the Ratio is not correct, Triphala will never be prepared.

Is it safe to take Triphala daily?

Triphala is available in many forms like capsules, powder, or liquid. You can take in whatever form suits you. The perfect time to take Triphala is an in-between meal and an empty stomach. After 2 hours of taking Triphala, you can take your meal.

The average dosage of Triphala is 500 Mg to 1 gram per day. If you have problems like constipation, then you can increase the amount. Triphala powder can be taken with warm water and honey before meals.

Does Triphala help hair growth?

Many people must be suffering from hair growth problems because of season change and other reasons. One of the unique benefits of Triphala is to help in hair growth. If you are facing the issue of hair growth, then you can use it. It is an ayurvedic medicine, so there is no side effect to use it as externally.

You can use it by making a paste with water and apply it on your hair. It will give moisture to your hair and remove the alopecia. By using it once in a week, you can see the results.

Does Triphala reduce belly fat?

We know Triphala reduces the fat of the body, and According to the one research, it is shown that Triphala helps to reduce the belly fat. Triphala removes body toxins and improves the digestive system. It also helps to boost metabolism, which can help to reduce body fat.

Detoxification and a better digestive system can be the reason to reduce the belly fat. Who takes 10 gram Triphala on a regular basis can take the results of reducing the belly fat from the body. Belly fat is not easy to reduce, but in Triphala powder, it can help reduce the belly fat.

Does Triphala cleanse the colon?

Triphala can cleanse the colon and liver. The colon is the organ of the human body, which removes the water from the digested food. It is part of the digestive system, and Triphala helps to cleanse the colon or large bowel by eliminating toxins.

When people take the Triphala, it can start the process of removing waste products from the body and especially from the large intestines. It works as a complete body cleanser and helps indigestion.

Is Triphala good for the liver?

Triphala helps in many diseases related to the stomach, eyes, liver, joint pains, etc. The liver is the main organ of the body, and it needs to be function properly. The liver is related to the digestion system of the body, and it helps to detoxify the body and creates the biochemical in the body, which can help to digest the food.

Triphala also works in that way so, and it can be an excellent ingredient for the liver. To make liver healthy, you need to add healthy food to your diet. Damage liver can cause problems like fatty liver, appetites, etc.

Does Triphala reduce cholesterol?

According to the research, it is found that Triphala reduces the cholesterol level. Some other research also says that Triphala can be helpful in the cancer cells. When we eat oily food, it can create cholesterol in our body, which should be in control because if it increases, then it can cause heart disease.

Triphala is one of the best medicines for reducing bad cholesterol from the body and improve the digestion system. Triphala has many fruits that are very good for good cholesterol.

Is Triphala a probiotic?

Probiotics are the bacteria that are the requirement of the human body. Our body is made of good and bad bacteria. But probiotic is a good bacteria that can help to improve your gut and make it healthy. Probiotics can be available in food like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir, etc.

The human body needs bacteria like probiotics. Triphala is a combination of probiotics and an herbal supplement. Probiotics are undigested carbohydrates that remove the gut microbiota and improve human health.

Is Triphala good for the heart?

Triphala has many antioxidants that can execute the protective functions in the body. It has vitamin C, which can fight oxidative stress. Food that contains the antioxidants can help prevent the risk of heart disease and many types of cancers. According to animal studies, Triphala also helps in arthritis.

Damage and inflammation caused by arthritis can be reduced with the help of Triphala. Because of the many types of antioxidants of Triphala, it is working as good medicine for heart problems.

Can triphala reduce Uric Acid?

Many ayurvedic medicines are available, which can help reduce uric acid like Giloy, neem, turmeric, ginger, and Triphala. When uric acid increases the body, it is called hyperuricemia, which can increase Gout’s development. It is the stage that can reach to the pain and turn it out to be in arthritis.

People who have hyperuricemia take many medicines to reduce the uric acid from the body. If we talk about ayurvedic medicine, Triphala is one of the treatments which can reduce the uric acid from the body and herbal. Triphala is the anti-inflammatory that can reduce the inflammation that is developed by hyperuricemia or Gout.

Can Triphala remove the constipation?

Triphala is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that help digestion systems to digest the food. There is much evidence that Triphala helps to remove the waste food from the intestines and consumes the water that can help in constipation.  Many experts also said that Triphala has a positive impact on constipation.

It is the herbal formula for relieving in constipation that is made by dried fruits. It can be taken with warm water, and if you don’t like the taste, you can add sugar and honey. The perfect time of taking the Triphala is  4 to 5 am in the morning.

Is Triphala good for high blood pressure?

People who are suffering from high blood pressure problems should take Triphala. It helps to protect the arteries from the radical damage, which increases the blood pressure. It has the power to reduce hypertension and circulate the blood normally.

It is the most effective blood purifier, which increases the red blood cells in the hemoglobin.  Triphala is considered as the most important and effective ayurvedic medicine in high blood pressure.

Does Triphala help with diabetes?

Triphala is the traditional ayurvedic medicine that is used in many diseases, and diabetes is one of them. It is made of three dried fruits which help to improve the health of a person. It is a herbal remedy with many antioxidants, which helps in reducing the level of sugar in the blood.

Diabetic is the most common disease in India and increasing day by day. When blood sugar level increases in the blood, it can reduce the cells which are absorbing the sugar for energy. As per some researches, Triphala is helpful in diabetic type 2 and cholesterol problems.

Is Triphala good for skin?

Because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, it may help to solve the many skin related problems. It can help rebuild the skin, protect the skin cells, and create the skin’s moisture, which can help to glow the skin. Many studies show that Triphala removes the bacteria from the skin that can help in wound heal.

People can make a paste of Triphala by adding honey and apply it on the face for glowing skin.

How do you stop heart blockage naturally?

People who are dealing with heart blockage can prevent it naturally by adding some good fats in the diet. Good fats are also known as unsaturated fats, and it can be available in food like olives, nuts, avocado, and fish. Increase the Fiber in your diet because it can reduce the LDL.

You can get the Fiber in the vegetables like beans, oats, etc. add the fruits in your diet like strawberries, blackberries. It has many vitamins which can help in heart disease. Almonds and walnuts are the best nuts that can help in heart-related problems.

Is Triphala hot or cold?

One of Triphala’s combined fruit is Amla, and it contains the most cooling atmosphere, which helps to cool the stomach’s inner lining. It reduces the inflammation by giving the fresh texture to the stomach. Because of constipation, sometimes people feel some burning sensation in the stomach.

Triphala ingredients Amla helps to cool the burning sensation and provide relief to the person. Not only constipation, but it is also perfect for the overall health of a person. Other ingredients of the Triphala also help in the digestive system.

Can we take Triphala after dinner?

It is essential to take medicine at the right time. As we know, Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine, and it has the time also. Many people confused about what is the right time to take Triphala. According to the ayurvedic experts, Triphala affects the most when taken just before the bed in the night with the warm water.

Some people take this medicine in the morning empty stomach and take it before or after the 2 hours of the meal. If you are not sure, then first consult with the doctor.

Is Triphala good for the kidney?

Kidney and liver is the main organ of the human body. Triphala is a combination of three herbal ingredients, which can help to improve the natural function of the kidney and liver. It helps the organ to work correctly.

Although it can take some time to get the results if you take it regularly or after consulting with the doctor, you can see the improvements.

Can we take Triphala long term?

No doubt, Triphala is helpful in many diseases, but we can’t take an overdose of medicine. It may cause some side-effects. Triphala can be taken long or short term; it depends on the disease you are suffering and what is the reason to take it.

Eating a large amount of Triphala for a long time can also have some side-effects. So, before taking it for a long time, you should contact the doctor.

Triphala Dosage

Most of the Triphala supplements consist of the amount of 500 mg to 1,000 mg doses. The dose of the Triphala refers to the extract amount, which is used instead of the single ingredients. It can vary because it depends on the supplier or manufactures uses.

There are many guidelines available to use the Triphala, and most of the manufacturer suggests that you shouldn’t take more than one or two tablets of Triphala daily. One or two tablets can be taken daily, but not more than that.

Triphala Tablets

Triphala medicines come in three forms, like tablets, capsules, and powder. It can help to remove the toxins of the body with the help of antioxidants. Amla is one of the Triphala ingredients, which provides good antioxidants to the body, which makes a body free from radicals.

People who have stomach related problems like constipation; abdominal pain can take one or two tablets of the Triphala daily.

Is there any side effect of Triphala?

As we know, if we take something more as the requirements, it can cause side effect. As per the Triphala expert, taking too much dosage can cause gastrointestinal side effects, including gas, stomach upset, cramps, and diarrhea.

It can be helpful in many diseases like diabetic, kidney, and heart-related diseases. People who consume the cytochrome drug should take Triphala because it may contain some side-effects.

What is the best time to take Triphala?

According to the researchers, the best time to take Triphala is just before bed at night. People can take it with warm water. Those who are not diabetic patients can also take with honey. You can make a paste with honey and Triphala powder and take it before going to sleep.

If you don’t want to take in the night, then you can take it early morning around 4 to 5 am empty stomach. This is the best time to take this medicine. You can also read the best time to take Triphala on the bottle of medicine when you buy it.

It’s Better to Prepare Triphala at Home-Triphala Powder Ratio

The correct Ratio to make Triphala Powder is 1: 2: 3

  • Harad ( Black Myrobalan ) Ratio – 1
  • Baheda ( Terminalia Bellirica ) Ratio – 2
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) – Ratio – 3

This is the right method to prepare the Triphala Powder. If you Intake the Triphala Powder, prepared in this Ratio, then you can get all the benefits about which you have heard. If you Intake the Triphala Powder and you do not know that in what Ratio this Triphala is made. Then You need to know about it.

This Method of preparing the Triphala Powder is also a bit difficult because it takes a little time, and in Today’s modern world, no one has that much time. But if you can make it in your home by taking a little time, then you can get the miraculous benefits.

Although Readymade products of Triphala powder are also available in the market, which is easy to buy if they are made in the right proportion, then they are also beneficial. Therefore, you should use only that which is made in the correct Ratio.

With whom will you benefit from eating Triphala

  • Triphala + Honey – Cure Phlegm Disease ( Example- Obesity )
  • Triphala + Warm Water in Night – Laxative ( Example – Constipation )
  • Triphala + Sugar – Cure Acid Peptic
  • Triphala + Milk – Cure Bile Diseases.
  • Triphala + Celery – Cure Wind Diseases.

If a person Intake Triphala powder for 12 consecutive years –Benefits of Triphala are Miraculous.

Now I will tell you that if a person eats Triphala for 12 consecutive years, what will happen in the body?

As per the Ayurveda, if any person eats Triphala for 12 years, then he attains a great accomplishment. After 12 years, that person does not become a human but becomes a supreme seeker.

Year-1 – If you Intake Trifala for one Year regularly So there will be a little slowness in your body.

Year-2 – In the second year, all the diseases will be eliminated from your body. There will be nothing called disease in your body.

Year-3 – In the third year, the body has a beauty in the body and face and Mind Become more Conscious.

Year-4 – In the fourth year, the light of the eyes starts increasing.

Year-5- In the fifth year, intelligence starts developing; memory becomes very sharp.

Year-6- In the Sixth Year, Your body starts gaining strength and feel strong.

Year-7- In the seventh year, the things of old age in your body begin to diminish. A young life begins again.

Year-8 – Eighth year your eyes start glowing.

Year-9 – In the ninth year, you find yourself very light and free from all the stresses of life.

Year-10- In the tenth year, Mother Sharda, who is the Goddess of Voice, is enthroned on your throat.

Year-11 & 12 – You get direct speech meaning that what you say is proven. That means that person becomes a supreme seeker.

Taking Triphala on an empty stomach in the morning is more beneficial and should not eat anything else until one hour after taking it.

According to Ayurveda, with which things should you take Triphala so that you can get these benefit.

Month Wise Benefits.

In December and January – You should take Triphala with Dry Ginger, and Ratio should be – Triphala Powder – 1 Part & Dry Ginger – 6th Part of Triphala Powder. This is the Right Ratio.

In February and March – You Should take the Peepal Leaves Powder with Triphala Powder and Ratio is the same. ( Triphala Powder – One Ratio, Peepal Leaves Powder – 6th Ratio)

In April and May – Use Honey with Triphala ( Ratio is One by Six )

In June and July Month – Use Jaggery Powder with Triphala. ( Ratio is One by Six )

In August and September Month – Use Rock Salt with Triphala Powder.( Ratio is One by Six )

In October and November Month – Use Sugar with Triphala Powder. (Ratio is One by Six ).

You have to change these things every two months while intake the Triphala Powder, if you consume Triphala in this way, then Triphala becomes multiples. By eating Triphala in this way, this act as Divine Chemicals.

Who should not take Triphala?

Those people who are taking chronic medicines for diabetes and blood pressure should not take the Triphala because it may reduce their efficacy, plus it has many enzymes, which are also famous as cytochrome P450 (CYP450), so people who take it drug shouldn’t take Triphala.

There are many drugs like HIV, Anti-arrhythmia, Antifungal, Anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, and many more, which is not suitable for Triphala. So people who are taking these drugs should consult with a doctor before taking Triphala. It may harm your body otherwise in some ways.

Pregnant women, children, and nursing mothers should also avoid Triphala because the safety measures are not established for them.

Conclusion –

One thing I want to tell you is that a lot of people use Triphala as a medicine, but it is not a medicine, it is a herb that has been used since our ancient times, it can be used by any person of any age. But if you are suffering from any type of disease, then start taking it only after consulting a doctor. Although Triphala powder benefits in so many diseases, but for your convenience, start eating it only after consulting your doctor.


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