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Business Ideas for which Everyone in the world is seeking for. If You want to earn wealth, You need to work on the Right Business Platform, for that you should have a Business Idea. Many people in this world spend their entire lives searching for an idea of Business, But Time does not wait for anyone. You have to start working on your dreams in the direction to fulfill dreams.

Here in these articles, I am going to share a fantastic business Idea; if you want to step forward in your life and highly desperate to achieve your ambitions, then this Idea can prove highly advantageous for you.

The Business for which I am briefing is AMC Business for Computer Equipments. These types of Equipment Include Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Servers, Networking Switches, etc.

What is AMC Business?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. In this Modern Corporate World, Every Small and Big Company uses the Computer Equipments to run its Business. So they Purchase these types of Equipment to work faster. As this Equipment becomes older, Equipment needs repair, part replacement, and timely services. For which Companies needs to pay a heavy amount for maintenance. Instead of spending high cost for Maintenance, Companies prefer to hire a Vendor who can provide the maintenance service on the Contract Basis.

How does AMC Business Model work?

AMC Vendor who has contracted maintenance from Company needs to take for the repair and timely service for the Equipment along with the Part Replacement in case required. Usually, Most of the Companies make a one-year agreement, and Vendor gets paid in advance for the full year, and later they can start providing their services.

I explain this with an example.

If a Company has one Hundred Laptops on which their employees work. Company Management has to give the complete One Hundred Laptop Contract to the Vendor because they don’t know which Laptop can have the Issues at what Time. If a Vendor accepts the Contract for hundred Laptops for one year, They have to Provide the Complete Maintenance service and Parts Replacement Service to the Company as per the agreement.

How much Staff is needed to start an AMC Business?

Hardware Engineers –

To Start with an AMC Business, you need to hire one or two qualified hardware engineers to provide the Maintenance service on Time. If you are in the Initial stage of Business or You, have one or two Company Contracts. Later on, as your Business grows, You can increase the number of Engineers.

Office Staff – 

In the Initial Stage, You need to hire one or two office staff to attend the phone calls of your clients, or You can also play the same role if you don’t want to increase the expanses.

If you have the Knowledge of Computer hardware, then you can start providing the service required.

Office Space – 

There is no big office required to start the Business, and You need space only for 2-3 people sitting. You can also start from your home as this is a business for service. There is no physical movement for any product.

How much amount will you get in this AMC Service Contract?

If you have a contract for a hundred Laptops, The Company has to pay 10% of the cost of all the Equipment in one maintenance contract.

For Example – If one Laptop Cost is 50K than maintenance cost for one year is 5K. In this time frame, if any damage will be done with the Laptop, the Vendor has to fix it whether It is set from your repair or service or by replacing parts.

As an AMC Vendor, How much Profit you can earn in one year?

AMC Businesses are Highly Profitable. You think like an AMC Vendor, If you have a Contract with a Company to provide your Services for Maintenance and Parts Replacement for the Equipment. If You have a Hardware Knowledge, then there is no cost to giving the Maintenance and Repair Service.

Now Comes to Part Replacement – If you need to change the part, then this cost will be in your pocket. But there is a fact, Just calculate that How many Laptops will be completely damaged in one year, which will require replacing parts. The motherboard is the most costly part of a Laptop, and it will cost you 10K. But if you can repair the existing Mother Board, then cost you nothing.

One thing I want to tell you that Only 5% Equipment Requires the Part Replacement. Rest, 95% ,EquipmentEquipment get fix from service or repair. And it is not necessary that there should be any defect in the Equipment. In so many cases, only 2-3% Equipment needs to be fixed with Part Replacement.

Let’s calculate the Profit If you get a 100 Laptop AMC Contract.

If you figure out and calculate the entire cost, you can get a Profit of 100% 120% on 100 Laptop AMC Contract.

I have taken the Laptop Example just to explain the figures; however, You can make a Contract for any type of Equipment.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract:

  • AMC helps to avoid high restore expenses and helps from unpredicted indemnity.
  • AMC Contracts services comprise regular checkups of Equipment, Servers, networks, and provide spare parts if required.
  • AMCvaries according to the business strength and number of Employees.

Conclusion – 

AMC Business can be started not only for Computer or I.T Equipment, But Some small Medium Businesses also like to give contracts for other Official Equipment like Furniture, Electronics Gadgets, etc. Some Companies Prefer to give contracts with Part Replacement service, in that case, You will benefit a little, but It can also make very good Profit.

Any Business in the world requires Focus in the Initial stage; once this gets developed, this can change your life completely. And you can achieve any goal in your life and live the life of your dreams.


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