Choice of application of motivation theory depends on

What is the theory of Motivation?

Motivation Theory –Motivation is important for all employees to achieve the goals, whether it’s government or private. Many theories of Motivation are available, and they give the relation or influence the result of employee job satisfaction. There are three main Motivation Theory available.

  • Content Theories, 
  • Process Theories 
  • Contemporary Theories

Content Theories

This theory explains that people want to increase those things in life which they want to achieve. Their needs are prioritized according to their importance. To get the hierarchy of needs of job satisfaction, they have to revolve around employee’s needs and the aspects which bring them the satisfaction of job. According to the basic physical, biological, social, and psychological needs of human beings, the author came up with five stages.

  • Physiological Needs (Food, Shelter, Clothing)
  • Safety And Security Needs (Physical Protection)
  • Social Needs (Association With Others)
  • Esteem Needs (Receiving Acknowledgement From Others)
  • Self-actualization Needs (The Desire For Accomplishment Or To Leave Behind A Legacy)

Process Theory

It is also known as motivation-hygiene theory. It explains people’s good or bad things about their job. This theory brings some factors like achievement, recognition, the job itself, responsibility, and advancement of the person Job satisfaction. The politics in the offices with management can demoralize the employees.

The organization should create opportunities for personal growth among its employees. They should be promoted after completing a certain level of their work and getting the amazing result from his/her work.

Contemporary Theories

This theory is based on two assumptions, like X and Y. X assumptions explain the negative part of the people. They can dislike the work and try to ignore it if possible. This is the reason they must be controlled and directed with punishments to make them work. 

The other assumptions, Y, is completely different from X assumptions. These are people whose mental and physical inputs increase Motivation in the workplace. The problem outside the office can not affect their work. But the level of their doing the work depends on the rewards that will be given after achieving the goals.

Risk Analysis of De-Motivated Employees in Organizations

Those employees who are lacking Motivation in their life can be risky for the organization for doing daily working operations. Some people need more attention at the workplace when using the office equipment, so it’s a responsibility of the organization to maintain a balance at the workplace where work issues are concerned.

Operational Risks

In terms of quality work, employees will not be able to perform their best. The attitude and behavior of the employee will be affected if his morale is down. 

Personal risks

Many organizations keep their staff for a longer time in the office to get more profit. They spend money and time to provide the training. High turnover because of unhappy employees cannot be a smart decision for the organization. Lately, they might need to invest in other training for new employees. The negative side of the leader can destroy the work of the organization.

Environmental risks

Those employees who are not happy with the organization can say bad things about the organization in the outside world. That will not be good for the organization.

Health risks

An unhappy employee can face health diseases like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. these health issues can’t allow the employees to give their best efforts in work. The organization should avoid these types of risks for a better place.

Importance of Motivation at workplace

There are many reasons why an employee should be motivated in the workplace. Mainly because it helps the employees to achieve the goal of the company. Without Motivation, the workplace is a very risky place. A motivated person can be productive to the company and accomplish a higher level of output. There are few benefits of Motivation at the workplace, have a look.

Increase Employee commitment

A motivated employee can give their 100% in the work which is assigned to them. 

Improved employee satisfaction

An employee of the company should be satisfied with the company and environment so it will be better for the company and the employee’s growth as well.

Ongoing employee development 

When an employee achieves their initial goals, it will also improve the employee personality. They will be clear about the difference between efforts and results. For future goals, they can prepare themselves with more Motivation.

How to Increase Employee Motivation?

Here are a few ways to increase employee motivation.

Improve communication 

The simplest way to increase the Motivation of the employee is communication. Management of the company should communicate with them on a personal level. Employees also want that their company should grow and many of them have brilliant ideas about it. Just take some time to ask and listen to their suggestions.

Value individual contribution

Management of the company should focus on the individual contribution of an employee. Everyone will feel motivated if someone appreciates their work and efforts.

Positive environment

Give them a positive environment in the company. Some employees feel negativity in the workplace. That is the reason they can’t focus on their work positively. 

How an employee can motivate themselves?

Our brain is very trained to motivate ourselves. We just need to put it in the right direction. If you are ready to play with your brain, then you can motivate yourself very easily. Motivation is nothing; it’s just a state of mind where we have to make our brain understand that we need to complete our goal. 

Believe in yourself

This is the best motivation trick. If we believe in ourselves, then we can achieve our goals. When you believe in yourself, only then will people believe in yourself.

Learn about past experiences

You should learn from your past experiences. It will give you the right direction towards your goal, and you will be more confident about your actions than before.


Motivation is essential in the workplace to work peacefully. We agree that the management can’t organize these things to motivate their employees, but from to time, they should take the initiative toward this activity. It will increase the productivity of the employee, and ultimately it will help the company.


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