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What are Community Health and some examples?

Community health is a medical specialization that mainly focuses on the physical and mental health of the people. It is the main objective of public health, which takes initiates to help the members of the community and take action towards improves their health. It helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases and make them ready for a natural disaster. 

People who are working at the community level promote healthy living and help to reduce chronic disease. It also brings many health advantages to the people who need it. It’s not only about the healthcare system infect we should focus on the community lifestyle to make a healthy environment and save them. People can’t be fit in an unhealthy environment.


Examples of Health Community 

Health Community is a group of people that focus on studying, protecting, and improving the health of the community. It is also related to a biological community where they interact with people in some locations and spread the importance of health. 

What does community health and development deal with?

It is a changing and developing process that includes social and health contexts. It works based on three approaches which are: care, primary care, and health promotion. Community health workers are the leading health workers who have a vast understanding of the community they provide. This reliable connection gives them the power to serve as an intermediary between /social services and the community. 

It helps to provide the services and make it better in terms of quality and cultural competence. The health worker of the community also increases the people’s knowledge as an individual or community. They organize activities like outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support, and advocacy.

  • The community health worker’s responsibilities may include:
  • They try to help individuals and groups of people by developing their capacity and resources.
  • Provide communication with health care/social service systems
  • Guide them the importance of health by telling some techniques to make better health
  • Provide the people of health counseling who need it.

How can you improve the health status of the community?

Living a healthy life is most important than eating and exercise. Our health is the most significant factor because everything depends on that. Our mental peace, our physical health all depends on the environment where we are living.

Here are five ways to improve health in your community.

Practice Healthy Habits

You should practice developing a healthy habit. According to psychology, we can develop a habit within 21 days if we are doing that thing regularly. Start drinking more water, eat fruits and vegetables, and play some physical activity like games with kids.

Connect in your school’s efforts to encourage healthy practices

When parents take responsibility for this activity, it can happen. Parents can ask the directors of the school to organize some healthy activities in the classroom.

Learn about decisions local officials are making that impact your environment.

Many cities are working to make a healthy environment for the people of the city. You should learn and understand the concept behind this activity. It will give them a safe and healthy environment.

Give back healthy options to your community.

You can join a community that provides a healthy atmosphere for the people. By joining them, you can donate some healthy food, pantries, etc. if you are organizing an event, then make sure you serve healthy food for everyone.

Seek out volunteer opportunities that engage kids

Encourage your kids to spend less time on the mobile phone, tv, etc. and invest some time in reading, exercise. It will provide better mental health to them.

What are the factors affecting community health?

Many factors can affect community health like finances, education, housing, etc. please have a look.

Social exclusion

Today, people are feeling socially excluded themselves, and that is the reason they are developing some mental stress and anxiety in the body. Community health workers still are working in these fields where people don’t feel socially excluded.


If your house environment is not right then, it will impact the family member’s health.


Education plays an essential role in providing a healthy life to the people. Try to help youngsters and teenagers to achieve their goals in the early stage will educate them on the importance of a healthy community.

What are some benefits of a healthy community?

The health community helps in many ways to improve the health of the people and educate them to change their lifestyle for good.

Promote Physical activity

The health community promotes physical activity so people can stay healthy. To being a healthy person, everyone should do some physical activity daily like yoga, running, walking, exercise, etc.

Improve Air Quality

The health community tries to reduce pollution so we can live a healthy environment. There is no point in staying healthy in an unhealthy environment.

Lower Risks of Injuries

The health community program provides lower risks of injuries. It improves the lives of people who are working, learning, and they have the right to make choices about their healthy life.

What is the difference between public and community health?

Public health is related to the health of all people, and community health is mostly related to medical staff like doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, care professionals, etc. community health is a part of public health. Community health is generally focused on geographical areas and includes primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare. 


So, the health community and public health both are important for us because they teach us how we can live a healthy life and reduce the risk of infectious disease. Community health can be achieved through medical staff like doctors, where a group of people suggests to us the best way to live a healthy life physically and mentally.


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