The description of personality based on external experience is called

What is Personality?

A personality of a person is, which makes them unique. Every person has different thoughts, feelings, behavior, which makes them unique, and the combination of these things called personality. Every person has some internal and external personality. There are many things which can be seen through externally, and we assume that person will be like that, like if someone is very friendly then we can say that this person might be extroverted. So, psychologists have described the five types of personality traits that are given here.

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

types of personality

What are the traits of personality?

These five components have described every person differently. So let’s discuss these personalities.


The meaning of openness is that people who are more adventures than others. They are always excited about the new ideas ready to execute it. They are curious and also appreciate the arts, imagination, and creativity.


These are the people who are well organized in everything. The beliefs, before achieving any goal, you must have a plan. They are the planners and stay focused on their goals. You won’t find any Conscientiousness person without any section option; they always have a backup plan if something goes wrong.


Extroversion is the most famous trade of these personalities. These are people who like social gatherings, and they grab the energy from the crowd. They like to be the center of attraction. They are a social butterfly and enjoy social interaction.


This personality represents his kindness and warmth nature. More agreeable people can be trustworthy, helpful, and compassionate. In today’s world, pleasing men can earn more than disagreeable men. Still, this formula doesn’t work as an advantage for women.


These are the people who got worried so frequently and easily can go in anxiety and depression. They are the real people but have some bad habits like drinking alcohol and tobacco.

What are the four main characteristics of personality?

What we read above was the personality traits, and you must be wondering that personality is all about nature and feelings. But it’s not true; some other components come under the personality of a person.


The meaning of consistency is the regularity in behavior. These are the people who behave and act the same in most of the situation.

Psychological and physiological

Personality is the psychological factor, but researchers say that it depends on the biological process and needs.

Behaviors and actions

Personality also shows how we can. It does not only influence how we react in the environment.

Multiple Expressions

Our personality can be seen in our thoughts, feelings, emotions, close relationships, etc.

What are the Theories of Personalities?

There are many theories that are available on how personality develops. Some of the significant factors are listed here.

Type theories

This theory explains that there is a limited number of personalities are available, which is relevant to biological influences.

Trait theory

It is considered the personality as a result of an internal characteristic.

Psychodynamic theories

This personality is based on the unconscious mind of the person. It is influenced by the work.

Behavioral theories

Researchers say that this theory is the result of people and the environment. According to this theory, people ignore their feelings and inner thoughts.


This theory explains the importance of a free will and people developing their personalities individually.

What is the external and Internal Personality?

In the external traits, you can see the personality of a person by looks and outer things. At the same time, internal traits are those which define the character of a person by their actions. The inherent trait is related to their beauty, clothes, talks, nature, etc. and the external characteristics are those which define the thinking of person and thoughts, intention, etc.

What are the four types of Personality?

Most people know about their personality and the dominant type of character. There are mainly one or two types of temperaments that are shown in an important role.


This type of personality will be highly talkative, enthusiastic, active, and social. These are the people most extroverted who like to spend time with the social gathering, they want to be part of the crowd, they are socially connected, and they have most of the connections. They have the risk-seeking behavior.


These are the people more extroverted, and they are independent, goal-oriented, and ambitious. They have the quality of good leaders. They are also short-tempered.


They are the people who are deep thinkers. They are introverted people who like to be alone and avoid being part of a crowd. They are reserved and self-made people. They have detail-oriented behavior and often feel anxious.


These types of people are easy-going, relaxed, and peaceful nature. They care for others and try to hide their emotions from others. They are ready to make compromises for the other’s happiness and ready to solve the problem with their original ideas.

The rarest personality in the world

The INFJ is the rarest personality of the world. The meaning of INFJ is introversion, intuition, feeling, judgment. These are the people who are true introverts. They can read other people very well; they can understand the emotions and feelings of a person and make a judgment accordingly. They also struggle sometimes to distinguish themselves because of their behavior and sharp intuition. This personality contains many layers, like private and mysterious. They just like the small circles of friends to talk about.


We have read types of personality and traits of a person. People react to the situation based on their personality, behavior, nature, and thoughts. These are the combination of a personality. Personality is a mixture of many components and traits that makes a person unique. As we have read, every character is unique from others, so it’s true.


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