Factors Responsible for Human Behaviour

What is human behaviour?

Human behaviour is an immediate response of individuals to unexpected external stimuli. The reaction can be in person or in a group. Social behaviour may be the result of the social interactions person makes in his/her atmosphere. Behaviour sometimes depends upon the mood of a person, which changes with the persistently changing environment.  

Some behavioural aspects are considered acceptable, while some are not. Many times, it is also observed that age has a significant impact on individual behaviour because people learn from their past experiences; therefore, it is apparent that they behave maturely as they grow older. 

Primary factors responsible for human behaviour:

Social Norms: 

It is rightly said by someone that “A man is known by the company he keeps.” Society group, culture, and behaviour of the people around him shape human behaviour that contributes to constructing his values and beliefs. He gets influenced by his family and a group of friends. He strictly follows the social norms being constructed by his community based on which he never think twice before taking aggressive steps. 


Based on Darwin’s theory on “Origin of the Species”, all species carry behavioural traits from their parents in inheritance. Scientists studied various facts analyzing the identical twins in comparison to the less identical siblings. Children living away at their adoptive homes helped researchers determine the role of genetics in human behaviour. 


Creativity has been witnessed since ages because the evolution of humans on earth has done a lot of innovations. Creativity among people in different fields brings a constant change in fashion, art, technology, and food. Creative endeavors help people to distinguish them from others.  

Spirituality and religious beliefs: 

Religion is an essential factor that influences the overall behaviour of a person. A survey was conducted recently by Pew Research center according to which 54% of adults stated that they have a firm belief in their religion. Therefore, they regularly attend religious prayers and get involved in all societal groups related to their faith, which subsequently affects their behaviour. 

Effect of climate on behaviour:  

Weather significantly affects a person’s mood. Rising temperature compels people to move out to hill stations or preferably other foreign countries to enjoy their holiday time that enhances opportunities for the criminals. Therefore, there is a strong connection between crimes and high temperatures.

What are the characteristics of human behaviour?

Various factors influence behaviour:

Suppose you are playing football with your friends and your mother calls you. You immediately rush to your mother. Here, you stopped playing once you listened to your mother’s voice. This is how your mother’s voice calls most vital to you.

Behaviour varies as complexity rises:

In complex decision-making, various factors, such as a judge, make the final statement considering multiple factors. 

Factors influencing human behaviour are of various kinds:

Factors affecting human behaviour may be psychological or physiological. Physiological factors can be physical, such as thirst or hunger, while psychological factors include attitudes, opinions, and ideas, etc. 

External Factors:

Some factors are external in which human behaviour is influenced by the surrounding atmosphere, friends and family, and type of activities around him. 

Human behaviour varies as a person gains maturity due to his experiences throughout life. They start analyzing things in a different way rather than behaving impulsively under challenging times of their life.

It is often observed that children behave foolishly, but once they achieve maturity, they start to analyze things critically. However, act with criminal mindset, because they apply false ways to make wealth and money.  

Human behaviour has been classified into four different categories:

Types of human behaviour depend upon various ways with which a person behaves in different situations. These are discussed in detail below:

Moral Behaviour and Molecular Behaviour:

Moral Behaviour: Moral behaviour is human behaviour in which a person takes steps after critically analyzing the situation, such as he immediately changes his mind looking at danger coming his way.

Molecular Behaviour: It is human behaviour in which a person takes steps unexpectedly without thinking much.

Involuntary and voluntary behaviour:

Involuntary Behaviour: Involuntary Behaviour is natural, such as breathing air, is an involuntary behaviour.

Voluntary Behaviour: Voluntary behaviour depends upon a person’s wish. For example- walking, running, reading, speaking, listening to music, and playing games reflect voluntary behaviour.

Covert and Overt Behaviour: 

Covert Behaviour: Covert Behaviour is a type of behaviour that is not visible to others, such as thinking is a perfect example of covert behaviour because no one can judge that you are thinking. 

Overt Behaviour: Overt behaviour is a behaviour that is seen by others, such as eating, drinking coffee, Bicycle riding, and playing football are examples of overt behaviour. 

Types of Personalities:

Human Behaviour has already been classified into four types:

  1. Optimistic.
  2. Pessimistic.
  3. Trusting.
  4. Envious.


  1. Optimistic: Around 20% of people in this world have this kind of personality. They remain confident in every situation regardless of what kind of circumstances they face in life.
  2. Pessimistic:Pessimistic people contribute 20% of the global population. Such people doubt everything around them. These people can even become optimistic in certain situations. 
  3. Trusting:Such kind of personalities believe others without any reason. Around 20% of people have this kind of character globally. These people trust others unconditionally.
  4. Envious:Globally, about 30% of people carry this personality trait. 

Envious nature is not their constant behaviour; they may be supportive in other situations as well. 

Understanding human behaviour: 

There is a detailed discussion of different aspects of human behaviour in this article; therefore, this article may help you understand people effectively. It is helpful for you to get knowledge regarding various types of human behaviour. Psychiatrists often study behavioural aspects of human beings in detail. In case, people find it difficult to handle someone; they must consult a specialized psychiatrist. 


This article is written for providing in-depth knowledge regarding human behaviour. It also throws some light on how human behaviour gets affected due to external stimuli. 


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