What are the two ways of Health Promoting action by Proteins and Peptides?

What do you mean by health promotion?

Health promotion helps people to control their health. It covers a large area of social and environmental interventions that are made to provide benefits and protection to the health of people. The objective of health promotion is not only focused on the treatment and cure the disease infect; it prevents them from the root causes of illness. There are three key components of health promotion.

Good governance for health

To start the health promotion, we need policymakers in all the government offices to make health a central line of govt policy. They must have health factor implications in all decisions they take and make stages to prevent the people from health disease.

Health literacy

People must have knowledge and information to be a healthy person. For example, the food they are eating, they should be aware that it’s healthy for them and they can decide for themselves. 

Healthy Cities

The city plays an important role in promoting good health. At the municipal level, we need a strong leadership quality to build healthy urban planning.  

What are the bioactive components of protein?

Bioactive peptides are coming from the protein of the food and impact a positive effect on human health. Bioactive peptides are very useful for the human body because it prevents health disease and improves the psychological system once it’s observed in the body. This is a high level of functions which is depended on the sequence of Bioactive peptides. 

What are peptides used for?

Peptides are part of proteins, or you can say a smaller version of the protein. Many health cosmetic products use peptides for anti-aging and muscle-building properties. According to the research, many peptides are beneficial for the human body like aging procedure, reducing inflammation, and destroy microbes. 

Some people are confused about the peptides with proteins. They both have amino acids, but peptides consumed less amino acids than proteins. It is naturally available in the food. The human body can easily observe peptides than proteins because it is smaller in size. Peptides can also help for bloodstream in the body faster.

Uses and benefits of peptides

Research indicates that bioactive peptides may:

  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Kill Microbes
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Prevent the formation of blood clots
  • Improve Immune function
  • Act as Antioxidants

People often use peptides to try to achieve the following effects:

Slow down the aging process

Collagen is the protein that is available in the skin, nail, and hair. Collagen peptides can easily break down collagen protein in the body so it can absorb easily. Collagen peptides improve the texture of the skin and reduce the aging process.

Improve wound healing

Collagen Peptides may increase the wound healing process. Bioactive Peptides also help to heal the body and reduce the inflammation.

Build strength 

Some research also says that collagen Peptides help to build the muscles and strength of the body.

Is there any Side effects of Peptides?

In short, yes, because it depends on how you use Peptides. There are some side effects also because it is the same as Peptides, which is available in our food. So it’s not necessary to take it externally with the help of oral Peptides or any other. In one research, one female has taken the oral Peptides for eight weeks, and professionals didn’t notice any vast reactions.

But still, if somebody wants to take it, he/she should consult with the doctor first. Especially, ladies who are pregnant must take advice from doctors. 

How can I increase my peptides naturally?

Some food consists of the Peptides in a higher range. To increase the Peptides naturally, you can eat and drink those supplements.

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Fish and Shellfish
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Soy
  • Oats
  • Flaxseed
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Wheat

Scientists are also told that bioactive Peptides can positively impact on our body. Those Peptides who positively affect the human body, we can take it. 

Where do you get your protein?

The need for protein is the very topic of this world; every human body needs a protein to live a healthy life. Proteins are used to give the power of the cells of our body to build the blocks of the body. Many functions of our body depend on the proteins. But how can we increase the protein in the human body? 

Amino Acids

All proteins contain the amino acids. It is one of the class of organic compounds which contains an amino and carboxyl group. Proteins are made of many types of amino acids that work together. Out of 20 amino acids, 12 amino acids can develop internally, and the rest 8 need to deliver externally. So we must get it through our diet. Those amino acids which we are getting from the diet are also called as essential amino acids.

Protein Metabolism

Protein Metabolism gives a much biochemical process that is responsible for the synthesis of protein and amino acids. In the human body, non-essential amino acids are the mixture of intermediates in major metabolic, for example –the citric acid cycle.


In short, our body needs and protein and peptides for better health. These are the key component of a healthy life. But we should focus on where we can get protein and peptides for our bodies. We should consider the healthy diet plan so we can get the essential protein for the body, and our body cells can work properly. 


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