How do Business Incubators makes Money?

What Does Incubation Mean In Business?

Business incubation is the program which is running by much private organization and public institutions like colleges and universities. The main objective behind the plan is to provide the necessary help and resources to the business owner to start a business. It can be related to financial assistance, workplace, technical, and more.

According to the national business incubation association, there are 900 business incubators available. But not all business has the incubators, so, if you need incubators for your business plan, then first you need to check on the official website of national business incubators and check the required details.

They provide many types of help, like manufacturing the space below rates of the market and solve the many problems of business owners. Incubators earn money when the startup gets successful and ask for equity to the business owner. Go through the below details the way incubators earn money.

Corporate Sponsorships

After successfully established the business, many big companies and brands want to associate with them. They also want to expand its marketing mission and pay them annually to be part of their organization. They can get a lead from the previous startups for their services. 

Charge the Amount

Some incubators also charge from the startup companies to be part of their incubators. They sell their incubators services to get a fixed amount.

Fundraising in hopes of later Return

If businesses got successfully established, some incubators would raise the money they charge. To extra amount can be considered as a profit for them.

Royalties from IP Commercialization or Licensing

Some incubators get the percentage of earning from the companies they offer their services. 

What is the purpose of Incubation? 

 Business incubation is the organization that offers help to the new businessman and startup owners to grow their business. Being a startup owner, it’s not easy to invest the hard money in the business. So, incubators are the ones who provide the many resources related to the business.

They fulfill all the needs of startups. Business incubators focus on the quality of business and want to grow the business to the next level by applying some strategies. They have the experience of establishing the business, and they give the best advice and idea that can help to grow the business. 

What are the stages of incubation?

 The business incubation is divided into three stages, which are state below.


It is related to the pre-execution plan, where they make the business plan according to the idea of the entrepreneur. They try to boost the chances of the growth of the business. In this stage, incubators give the space of the office, wi-fi connectivity, and other resources that are required at that stage.


Under this stage, the startup is going to be creating by an expansion phase. This is a critical stage which the business owner needs to understand. Incubators pay attention to the activities and deliver services that are part of the business plan.

Post incubation 

This is the stage where the company is reached at that level, where it’s ready to work on itself. In this process, SME innovation services can be provided like IT rights, training, and marketing, etc.

Why is Incubation necessary for Entrepreneurs?

 Business incubators develop small businesses and startups by supporting them. The primary purposes of the incubators are to establish a successful startup that can live on their own. They help in a different way for many companies.


Incubators help to save the costs of the business owner. Companies can share the required office equipment, rentals, and receptionist services. Incubators are also helpful in providing financial needs; they can send the company owner to the investors who can invest at low rates.


Incubators also guide them in the management; they have the best management staff that are retired and ready to give sound advice to the business related to the operational and management need.


The relationship between incubators and startups will remain the same after leaving the incubators. Employees can share ideas and advice with old and new problems. 


Incubators can also help in the job section. They provide the jobs to the graduate, experienced people according to their career areas. Because of this initiative, they create more jobs in the community. 

How to Choose a Business Incubator?

 Choosing the incubator for a business can be a crucial decision because your business plan and growth will depend on the incubators, especially in those cases where they will provide the equity and time of their resources. So, keep that in mind we have provided some guidelines which can help to choose a business incubator.

Incubator Perks

It would be best if you researched the incubators before finalizing them. Check the details if they match with your requirements or not. Go through the resources and services which the incubator’s companies are providing. You need to talk with the advisers and owners of the company to make sure they are capable of completing their needs of your business plan.

Incubator Curriculum

Some incubators also provide training classes to teach you about the business plan and strategies. You just need to be aware that the training will be helpful to execute your business plan.

Incubator Track Record

You can also check the previous record of the incubators company. The list of graduate companies can be available on the alumni.

Incubator Cost

This is the most important section which you need to be considered. Just clear all the costs they are taking for workspace and equipment. If they are taking equity from you, how much it will be. Along with capital, you also need to understand the load services and then compare the amount according to your investment, like how much you are willing to invest.

Incubator Location

The location of the incubators matters because you maybe visit once a week to attend the class. So, if it will be nearby your location, then it will be convenient for you.


So, in short words, incubators are helpful for new business and startups. People who are thinking of starting a business can take help from the incubators to an established business.


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