Does the Indian Postal Service Deliver Ice Packed Insulin?

Delivery for Ice Packed Insulin

Today, not only Indian Postal service delivers the medicine infect many other medical e-commerce websites are available which can deliver the medicine to you. During the time of lockdown, the government has announced the all the medicine will be delivered to the patients at home. Ice packed insulin can be delivered by e-commerce websites. 

What is insulin?

Insulin is used to maintain the sugar level in your body. When the Pancrease doesn’t create insulin hormone naturally then doctors suggest injecting it externally. Diabetic patients need insulin when their sugar level high or low. Whatever we eat, it produces the insulin in our Body and Pancreas used to store that insulin in the liver. When our body needs insulin while doing any physical activity, our pancreas releases it and maintains the sugar level in our body. The cells in our body need sugar for energy, and it can’t go directly to all the cells after eating food. That is the reason the pancreas has an important role in completing this process. 

Importance of insulin in the body

When the body doesn’t produce the required insulin in our body, then it causes high blood sugar. If it persists for a longer time, then it can create complications in the long term. Patients with diabetic one won’t be able to generate insulin because their cells have been destroyed. That is the reason we need to send insulin externally. 

The most important role of insulin is to interact with glucose to allow the cells in the human body and use that glucose as energy. With the lack of insulin in our body, it can lead to kidney damage, nervous system damage, eyes. It may involve in the following functions which are-

  • Modify the activity of enzymes
  • Build muscle following sickness or injury 
  • Manage the synthesis of lipids
  • Manage the breakdown of protein and lipids
  • Manage excretion of sodium 
  • Enhance learning and memory 

Can Insulin deliver in India?

Insulin can be delivered in India through many online medical websites like, pharmacy, 1 mg, med life, etc. these apps can be downloaded from play store easily. People can get insulin by going nearest chemist in India. There are large numbers of the population in India that are suffering from a disease like diabetes. So, insulin can be available in India easily. 

Can we carry Ice Packed Insulin via travelling?

Yes, you can carry insulin while travelling. But we recommend that you should consult with your travel agent that all the facilities will be available on the flight or not. 

How to keep insulin cold while travelling?

To keep cold the insulin while travelling is essential. Mainly, you are going to that place where the climate is hot. To store it fresh, you need a few things which are stated below. 

Your packing

Packing of insulin plays a crucial role to keep it cool. You need to use Frio bags. Put your insulin in the Frio bags, and it will make it cool and give your insulin an atmosphere like a refrigerator.

How can I keep my Insulin cold without electricity?

To keep your insulin without fridge or electricity, or Frio bags can be a very challenging task Because insulin can die in the hot climate. It won’t be able to use once it died. 

Carry Ice Bags and keep Insulin Ice Packed

If you are not able to afford Frio bags for travelling, then you must take ice bags which can help to make your insulin cold. If you are going for a one day trip, then you should take it ice bags, ice blocks. That will not be costly, and you can get it at the cheapest rate also. This is a solution you can apply to keep cool your insulin. 

Take extra insulin 

While going for a day trip, you must carry extra insulin along with you. Just in case, if one has died, then you can use the other one.

What happens when insulin levels are high?

Having high insulin in your blood, also known as hyperinsulinemia. When our body’s sugar level is high, then we have to control it by taking some medicines. Continuously having high blood sugar can make you a diabetic patient and it has some other complications. If you have a high insulin level in your body, then you can observe the symptoms like below.

  • Frequent and intensive hunger
  • Excess cravings for sugar
  • Weight gain, especially around the waist, forming an apple shape
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of motivation or focus
  • Anxiety and panic

If you are observing these symptoms, then you must consult with your doctors. There are two types of diabetic patients: type 1 and type2. Diabetic type 1 needs insulin. In the initial stage of diabetic type 1, doctors suggest curing it with medicine and exercise. 

Is Insulin good or bad?

High blood sugar causes diseases like blindness, kidney failure, and other problems, such as nerve damage that can lead to amputations. Eye and kidney damage can be in control if we can control the right level of insulin in the body. Insulin will not make your sugar level worst, and it is the only solution we have today to control the sugar level in our body. 

We need to use it very carefully; we can’t use it too much that also can be problematic. Before using insulin, you must consult with your doctors and then follow the guidelines. 


Insulin is required and needed hormones for our body to work correctly. If our cells are not producing natural insulin which we need then there is no other option to take it externally. It helps to manage the sugar level in our body and also contribute to the kidney failure, nervous system damage problem.


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