Jio Starting Food Delivery

Jio Started Food Delivery Service in India

Reliance Jio has started the Food delivery business. It is good news for the food tech start-ups, that means if online users are increased, a large number of business opportunities will be increased. 

According to the stats, the total number of delivery orders placed online was approx 70% before launching the Jio delivery app, where a maximum number or order placed through mobile phones. Now, experts are expecting the total number of delivery orders online is up to 90%.

The impact of Reliance Jio is that suddenly the number of online users and data consumption is increased. So other telecom companies have stated to slashing their prices to retain consumers and survive Mukesh Ambani revolution. 

In results, those restaurants who are managing their work by non-tech ways have faced some serious competition. Many restaurants have shut their offline outlets and starting the food kitchen services through online delivery. The market size of the online kitchen services has expected up to 300 to 400 crore by the end of the year.

jio food delivery

Why is a food delivery service important?

Food delivery services are getting popularity these days. Many businessmen are considering food delivery as the best business opportunity because of its revenue. The demand for food delivery is increasing day by day because of many reasons. Here, we have given some advantages to the food delivery service.

It’s convenient 

Today, people love food delivery service because it’s very simple and easy to use. Customers can easily order food by going through the company app or website. They don’t leave to comfort of home and can order from the favourite restaurants. Those people who don’t have much time to cook or shop can order food online.

Low operating costs

The food delivery business is less costly as compared to other businesses. You just need to hire one food delivery boy and give him some training about the delivery. Most of the companies work in this way where the delivery boy can deliver the food by using their vehicle so it will be less costly and you will get more profit or revenue. Anyone can work as a delivery boy by providing some details like address, license, age, contact number, and vehicle details, etc. 

It’s profitable 

Investing in the food delivery business can give you more profit. Food is the need of everyone, and customers will also get a variety of options on the menu. People also try to order new items from time to time like cakes, vegetables, pizza and other things which are in demand. This is the reason it gains more profit than investing.

24/7 Availability 

Food services can be delivered 24/7, and many people face the midnight craving so they can order whenever they want. Businesses can make money all day.

How does a food delivery service work?

Most of the food delivery company has started its app on the play store. Customers can download it easily and able to order food whenever it’s convenient for them. Customers can get all the details in one place through the app. whenever they feel hungry, and they can order the food by their mobile devices easily. There are some top- features that should be in the food delivery app.

  • All Information at One Place
  • An Estimated Time of Delivery
  • Tracking of the Location in Real-Time
  • Give Due value to Ratings and Reviews
  • The Payment System
  • Adding the Social Media Platforms

Why mobile food ordering apps are the future of food delivery?

According to the statistics, the total revenue of the food delivery business is up to $ 9,207 m in 2020. Mobile ordering apps are growing day by day where customers don’t need to explain their orders on call. Last year’s data tells that 70% of the order is done by mobile phone apps. This is the reason food delivery apps are the future of food delivery.

Customizable Layout For Maximizing Online Food Ordering

The food delivery app has a customized layout according to the brand’s theme so it can promote your business as well.

Real-Time Menu

This feature allows the customer to make changes in real-time. So when the POS menu has changed, then the app menu will also change instantly. 

Easy Ordering For More Number Of Orders

The food delivery apps provide the best user experience to the customers. They can select their location and menu easily by going to the options. User can choose the easy payment option like online payment or COD. 

Customer Profiles

Under this section, customer can save their details like name, address; mobile number, etc. new users can also create their accounts by going through this section.

How to order Food by Jiorder app?

I order has tie-up with more than 400 + restaurants worldwide. Users can order it via their Smartphone.

You can use JiOrder to:

  •      Easily enter a city and select a Food Point.
  •      Choose from a huge variety of cuisines
  •      Get special deals and discounts
  •      Choose to pick up or delivery
  •      Get an immediate order authentication via email and SMS
  •      Or, just pre-order your food for later
  •      Pay by cash or PayPal


First of all, you have to search for the city and Pincode and select a restaurant


Now choose the food you want to eat from the menu section and after that place the order.


You will receive the email confirmation and message on your number with the delivery time. Now wait for the given time, and your order will reach to you within the given time.


Yes, food delivery apps are indeed the future of the food delivery business. Today’s generation prefers to order food online rather than going to an offline restaurant and eat something. It’s simple and convenient for the customers and businessmen will get more revenue in the end then investment. So, it’s a great opportunity to have a business point of view and reliance Jio has taken this opportunity.


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