Let’s do the Impossible


Impossible word is hard to define because its definition varies based on prevailing situations. Few renowned personalities have said that “impossible word is found in the dictionary of fools.” According to them, it is merely a state of mind of human beings; otherwise, will power, dedication and hard-work make impossible things possible.

Impossible word in different contexts:

Impossible word in context to humans:

Every citizen across the world dreams of achieving his prime goals in life, but it is quite hard for people to achieve them so quickly. It takes many years of persistent hard work and dedication to fulfill the desired goal. For achievers, nothing is impossible. 

 Impossible word in context to nature:

The things which are considered out of human control are generally called impossible. 

Natural disasters, such as floods, storms, and spread of deadly viruses across the globe, are quite difficult to control. The destruction caused due to natural calamities takes many years to heal nature. 

 Impossible word in context to human efforts:

Large organizations and governments assign projects to the employees associated with different departments with a deadline. Sometimes, employees find it challenging to complete the assignment within the stipulated time frame. In such situations, team leaders assign duties to different employees with proper strategy and accomplish their targets within time. 

 For their stupendous performance at the workplace, employees are recognized for their dedication and will power to transform an impossible thing into a strong possibility. 

Amazing thoughts and beliefs can really make a big change:

Believe in your capabilities.

Bosses always misguide their employees by persistently saying that they don’t have the capability to do a particular job. Many times, employees start tagging themselves as they are being told. They begin believing that they are not capable of doing a particular work. Therefore, one must be fully confident regarding his capabilities. 

Negative beliefs are dangerous:

During work, employees face many challenges that may make them demotivated. In such situations, they should think of a possible solution to an existing problem rather than focusing on negative things that can affect their productivity. 

Beliefs in possibilities:

If a person thinks of existing possibilities, then only he can make a significant change for himself and the community at large, but Mahatma Gandhi had a firm belief that it is nearly impossible to throw out British people from our country. Similarly, Barack Obama’s former president of the United States of America’ was the first African president in America. 

It is highly unlikely that authorities know about your potential:

No-one can know you better than yourself. Therefore, ignore negative comments made by the senior authorities. There are possibilities that they don’t know your real worth. Therefore, people should use their energy and resources in a productive way. 

 How do people start developing negative beliefs?

People start developing negative thoughts once they start taking initiatives. They face challenges and failures that make them completely demotivated. They forget about the simple philosophy that “failures are the stepping stones toward success”. 

Some real-life examples that made impossible things possible: 

Marilee Matlin:

She is the only deaf actress in Hollywood who received Academy Award for her contribution to films. Being deaf, she did a lot of hard work. Her parents sent her to a public school, neglecting Doctor’s advice. According to her, physically disabled not only deserve respect, but they should be heard. 

 Nick Vujicic

He is one of the renowned motivational speakers. Nick is disabled, but he has a strong will power. He said, “I don’t need arms and legs.” He is a highly qualified married person who has inherited strong will power from his mother. 

 Stephen Hawking: 

Stephen Hawking was suffering from Paralysis since childhood, but after throat surgery, he even lost his ability to speak. Despite facing many challenges, he succeeded and became one of the most eminent scientists. His physical disability could not stop him from getting married two times in his life. 

 Farida Kahlo:

Farida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist who gained popularity due to her amazing painting works. She was suffering from Polio since her childhood, but she had a strong will power to cope up with her fellow students. Farida took up dancing, swimming, football, and boxing when she was in school. 

 Helen Keller:

Helen Keller was also suffering from some serious ailments when she was very young. She lost her eye-sight and hearing due to side-effects, but she abandoned her hope of becoming a writer. Numerous articles and books were published on her name. She was the only one who received a Bachelor of Arts degree being a deaf-blind personality.

 Moreover, Helen Keller was fully involved in activities protecting human rights. 

 Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein was not an intelligent student in primary school. He used to skip classes every day. His parents were feared that he wouldn’t succeed in his life, but Albert Einstein had different capabilities and interests. According to Einstein, every individual is a genius. He made terrific scientific discoveries for which people remember him. 

 Ludvig Van Beethoven:

Ludwig had hearing impairment, but still, he carried forward his dream of becoming a musician. He was the composer of Symphony No 9 and various other compositions. He was known for his artistic work in music. He was extremely dedicated and hard-working towards his work.


Every person in this world has the right to choose a specific area of interest. As it is rightly said, “nothing is impossible,” people should not concentrate on what others say about them. They should believe in their capabilities. People can achieve success in taking appropriate initiatives by following exciting subjects. 


This article merely provides relevant information regarding how impossible things are made possible by the famous global personalities with their passion, hard work, and patience. One should learn to taste failures before achieving success in life because the route map they persistently follow brings a lot of challenges which they need to overcome. 


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