Mental Challenges to Living your Dream Life

Mental Challenges

Psychology plays a significant role in will power of individuals in chasing their dream goals. Many struggles with their self-defeating habits as they remain under-confident even after taking initiatives. Some people believe in pleasing others rather than taking steps in the direction of their dream fulfillment.


Citizens must analyze the emotional habits that demotivate them regularly. Consequently, they remain unsuccessful in achieving their dream life. One can easily change his/her practices with a focused approach.

  • Develop positive thinking.
  • Set achievable boundaries to get motivation and happiness by achieving them.

6 Barriers that a person should overcome:

Stop feeling guilt: 

Guilt is an emotion that a person starts developing in childhood. Adults start developing such feelings among children to teach general etiquettes and discipline. As a result, children start feeling guilty if they don’t follow these correctly, but guilt in excess doesn’t let people enjoy the fruits of their success.

Research provides certain information: 

According to a study, there are several types of guilt, such as a person feeling guilty about conducting something really harmful or lying and behaving hurtfully to someone who cares about you unconditionally. In such circumstances, the feeling of guilt motivates him to explore sorry for his misconduct, and he puts the best efforts to prevent himself from repeating the same mistake.

Good guilt improves self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. Apart from excellent or bad sin, there are other types of misconduct as well.

  1. If a person thinks that he has not done enough for the betterment of the community after putting a lot of effort in a particular direction.
  2. If a person acquires relationships or money, than anyone else in his friends and family members.
  3. In case a person is unable to control his/her emotions, such as the feeling of jealousy from a friend who recently blessed with a cute baby.

To overcome such emotions, one must keep in mind that no one should suffer due to his unhealthy feelings. People should stop thinking about something, which is not achievable for them.

Stop thinking much about failures:

Once a person starts thinking of his failures throughout life, he gives much attention to his past mistakes rather than focusing on the best efforts he can put into achieving his dream goal, avoiding mistakes he previously did. There are chances that you grow with your smart and intelligent siblings or friends, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have qualities. Disappointments may lead to huge debts, being single and getting divorced, etc.

Life-Long threat: 

If people develop this mindset, they carry forward this mentality for the whole life. A feeling of insecurity overpowers and prevents those from taking effective measures to achieve their dream goal; consequently, they don’t take their jobs seriously and, therefore, take time to complete their assigned duties. Passive mindsets prevent them from grabbing fresh and new opportunities in life.

Is it good to be a Perfectionist?

Perfectionists often struggle with anxiety and depression because perfectionism prevails as a result of a rigid mindset that may subsequently lead to procrastinating, giving-up easily without even trying. Such mindsets never change their expectations even in a crucial situation. Moreover, they suffer from serious ailments, such as fibromyalgia. They behave wisely only after they find their expectations are met; otherwise, their behavior becomes miserable. Perfectionists should behave normally following below mentioned steps.

  1. Stop labeling others as a real culprit behind failures.
  2. They should avoid black and white thinking.
  3. Don’t analyze your work again and again.
  4. They should focus on broad vision and finding compassionate ways to achieve the real goal.
  5. Allocate appropriate time-limit to accomplish a particular job.

Comparison with fellows :

There are two types of comparisons people usually do; one is an upward comparison, and the other is downward comparison. Upward comparison demotivates us because we see people who are better than us. Downward comparison is something where people feel motivated, looking at less successful peers. Therefore, it is rightly said by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

A real-life example: 

A real-life example goes well with the famous saying – many millionaires in Silicon Valley feel a sense of deprivation because they are unable to cope up with billionaires in their neighborhood. It is the general psychology of a human being, where a person comes to know about a particular area he is not good at. He often feels sad comparing himself with others really good at something he is not capable of.

Challenges are different for different individuals: 

People live under immense pressure by comparing themselves with others, which is worthless because circumstances vary from person to person.

The whole living life in regret:

Regret is an emotional state of mind in which a person starts blaming himself for a particular situation which he could avoid otherwise. In case a person is addicted to a particular substance or a drug, regret can enhance his will power to get rid of injecting such fatal chemical substances.

Pleasing people within organizations or families:

It is a behavioral aspect in which a person wants himself to be liked by everyone around him. Suppose, you are born to emotionally abusive parents; therefore, you learned the art of pleasing them in order to survive psychologically. To be emotionally satisfied, children put a lot of efforts to please their abusive parents so that they don’t get angry with them.


This essay is written to provide you in-depth knowledge regarding some of the mental challenges a person might face to live his dream life. There is a detailed discussion on some of the psychological barriers that may have a significant impact on the overall outcome of a person. This essay provides you with complete information regarding the subject, along with a few preventive measures to avoid facing failures in life.


This essay is written for the sake of information to youngsters taking an interest in the field of Psychology. It would be a great help not only to the students but to the people trying to cope up with depression and anxiety.


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