Mental Health Awareness

What is Mental Health Awareness?

Mental Health Awareness – In today’s era, mental illness is a problem that needs to be understood. If we don’t focus on this problem, it can damage a large number of people all over the world. Patients of mental illness are increasing day by day, globally. Mental health is related to your emotional state, physiological, and social well being. 

It is related to your way of thinking, how you feel, and how you act. There are many Mental Health Awareness Organizations that are running many programs for people who are suffering from this illness.

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is related to the brain, and it can affect the thinking, behavior, emotion, and energy of a person. It can reduce the productivity of a person in many ways. According to the survey 19% of the adult population, 46% of the teenagers, and 13% of children are affecting with mental illness. It might be possible that people around you can be the victim of this problem.

What is The Symptoms & Causes of Mental Health Illness?

To recognize the sign of mental illness is not easy because the Symptoms of Mental Health Illness are quite typical, and there can be any reason behind this. There is not any test available who can identify that person has a mental illness, but still, we have covered some fee changes in behavior that can be treated as symptoms of mental health illness.  

  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression

What is Stress?

Stress does not always seem bad or wrong because it can encourage you to focus on your work and increase the chemicals in your body, which can make you more energetic. But yes, if you are facing too much stress, then it can be problematic. Slowly it can damage the health of a person. There are many reasons which can put you in stress.

Causes of stress:

External Causes:  It can be external reasons like changes in lifestyle, work, facing financial problems, unemployment, broken relationships, etc. these are the external causes which can put you in stress.

Internal Causes: Internal Reasons include negative self-talk, overthinking, expectations, perfectionism, worrying, lack of flexibility, and attitude.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a kind of feeling which can increase the fear inside you before doing something challenging in your life. Anxiety includes panic disorder, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are facing anxiety too much frequently, that means you are experiencing severe anxiety.

What is Depression?

Depression is not only a low or sad feeling; it’s is a state of mind. People feel empty from inside. If it crosses the limit of two weeks, that means it is severe depression. If someone is feeling depressed, then he/she doesn’t want to do anything, he can’t concentrate, either he sleeps a lot or may insomniac, feeling hopeless and sometimes people must have thoughts of suicide also.

Why is Mental Health Awareness Important?

The meaning of mental awareness is that educates the people what is mental illness and help those people who are struggling with this issue. Mental Health Awareness Month is not enough to spread awareness about this problem. We all know the meaning of a green ribbon, but we should try for early treatment of this illness.  

For example, if someone around you is facing this issue, then probably know that he needs to talk to someone or need to consult with a professional. So many people are there who are still struggling with this problem alone because they are not aware, they don’t know how to deal with it.

Awareness is necessary; if people are not aware of their problem, then they won’t get the solution to come out.

What is The Purpose Of Mental Health Awareness?

The primary purpose of mental awareness is to educate people. The more people will know about it, the more knowledge spreading and the more power we have. The objective of mental health awareness is to reduce the stigma connected with the mental illness, share your stories, and help those people who are seeking emotional help. So they can come out from the suicidal thoughts. We have to make them understand that it’s normal if they are feeling low, anxiety, and depression; it’s just we need to talk about it and make some changes in your lifestyle. 

What Colour Represents Mental Health?

The color of mental health is green. In the 1800s, green was the only color used to identify insane people.

When is Mental Health Awareness Month?

Mental health awareness month has been observed in May, and Mental Health Awareness Week is stated from 18 to 24 May. During this period, we do many Mental Health Awareness Activities to check how people are feeling. 

Mental Health Awareness Activities

  • Emotion Faces
  • Mood Tracker
  • Preparing For Your Appointment
  • Understanding Mental Health Relapse
  • Mindfulness Exercises For Children
  • Walk-In Our Shoes Lesson Plans
  • Mental Health Awareness Assignment

When is Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental Health Awareness Day is celebrated on 10 October 2020. Many Mental Health Awareness Organizations spread awareness about mental illness. 

How Can You Help Yourself From Mental Health Issues?

People who know that they are facing some mental issues should talk to someone about it or need professional help.

How Can You Help To Someone Else?

People can help someone by listening to them, use physical gestures, so some fun activities with them, and care for them. Sometimes people need someone who can listen to them and spend some time with them. So, you can do so some physical gestures like holding hands, hugs; it can help them to bring down their stress, anxiety. 


These are basic things that we need to do with people who are suffering from mental illness. We should take an initiate very frequently to spread awareness about this issue. 


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