How much Money is required to build a Tablet Manufacturing Company in India?

How are Tablets Manufactured?

The designing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets is a challenging task that covers the process of various stages. Scientists also make sure that the right amount of drug substance should be delivered at the right time. There are a few methods to manufacture tablets.


It is mostly manufactured by wet granulation, dry granulation or direct compression. These methods can contain a series of processes like weighing, milling, mixing, granulation, drying, compaction, (frequently) coating, and packaging. 

The initial objective of the tablet manufacturing process

The primary goal is related to 

  • To manufacture a tablet which is strong and hard to withstand mechanical shock encountered during manufacturing, packing, shipping, dispensing, and use.
  • Create tablets which are consistent in weight and drug content
  • Make tablets which are available in requirements. 
  • The tablet should be chemically or physically stable that can stay for a long time.
  • It should be defected free.

What is the compression in tablet manufacturing?

Tablets are produced by compressing the granules by using the compressing machines. With the help of a compressing tool, 500,000 tablets can be manufacture in an hour. The main principle in a tablet compression machine is hydraulic pressure. This pressure can help to reduce the static fluid. 

Stages of tablet manufacturing

The process of tablet manufacturing has been divided into four stages by companies. Which are named as filling, metering, compression, and ejection? 


Under this process, the compression machine transfers the granules into the position to tablet compression. After blended to the homogenous blend, the mixture will flow to the compressing tool.


Through this process, extra granule will be removed from the compressing machine. It will make them according to the required weight of granule. 


While this process, the top, and bottom of the punch come together by pressure within the die to form the tablet. Distance between top and bottom punch will show the thickness of the tablet.


During this process, the tablet will remove from the lower punch and die station. 

What are the standard variables in the manufacturing of tablets?

The particle size of drugs substance 

  • Bulk density of 
  • drug substances/excipients
  • Powder load in the granulator
  • Amount & concentration of binder
  • Mixer speed &mixing timings
  • Granulation moisture content
  • Milling conditions
  • Lubricant blending times
  • Tablet hardness
  • Coating solution spray rate

What is granulation in tablet manufacturing?

It is the main process for manufacturing the tablet. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the granulation procedure identifies the techniques which are used to create the tablet. This process is also used in the commercial production of the tablets. 

Why is granulation necessary?

The granulation process enables the particles to stay together and also increase the size of the particle. The higher the size of the particle, the more compressive or binding ability will be done.

How to start a pharmaceutical company

Many steps are considered to start a pharmaceutical company. Have a look.

Hire a consultant

This is the first step to start a pharmaceutical company. You must have the right person who can help you build the business. This is the foundation of the step of your business, and you should take it very carefully.

Create a successful plan

Once you choose the right person for the consultation, then you need to create a proper plan with them. He will guide you at every step of your business. 

Research about the competitors 

Your competitors can give many business lessons. Search about your competitors you can learn so many things from them by following. According to them, you can improve yourself also.

Choose the right equipment.

Choosing the right equipment is very necessary for running a pharmaceutical company in India. The best pharmaceutical company not only gives you safety but will also provide efficiency.

Verify your license

It is an essential factor; you need to register your business to make it legal. You should check the guidelines of the government to register your business and to get a license. 

How much does it cost to start a pharmaceutical company in India?

Money can be reached to the millions but the biggest issue to start a pharmaceutical company business is to get the license as above mentioned. There are some reasons also because pharmaceutical is related to the life of people, that’s the reason the government is very strict about it, and if anything found wrong, then you won’t get a license to start the business. 


The pharmaceutical company business is very in demand, but some important factors should be considered. You need to focus on it, and then you can start a pharmaceutical company business. Many pharmaceutical companies are available in India; you can learn from those experiences. The profits of this business are around 63% if everything goes well then it will be a great idea. 


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