What Are The Physical Organs that God Made Like Diamond In The Bible?

What is the Bible?

The meaning of the Bible is that God has a plan for you. In the Bible, God has shown his plan for humanity from beginning to the end. The Bible also tells us who God is and what he is. He has all the information of the universe. The purpose of the Bible is to show the power of humanity. The Bible is created by western civilization. 

What does the Bible say about different parts of the body?

In the Bible, everybody parts define its meaning differently. We have many body parts like Hand, ear, eyes, etc. and it has some other meaning according to the Bible. Whenever a person reads the Bible, he can get the exact sense of everybody parts spiritually. 


The body ‘Arm’ is used many times in the Bible, and it represents the power of God and authority. 


The body part ear is used to hear the sounds. But God says that hearing is not about the physical it is spiritual hearing. He says when we hear from the spiritual ears, and then we can listen to the words of God.


The Eyes are used to see the beautiful world, but according to spirituality, eyes are used to see the light of the body. Eyes are the metaphorical window that can help the light to enter the body.  


The face is the front of the person’s head, and it can express many things about a person. If you know a person very well, then you can guess many things like his feeling by seeing his face. 


The feet of Christ are always ready to walk and run to share peace with the person. It is representing we should share the peace with everyone.


Fingers denote authority and mercy. Human fingers are used to do things and activity. He said you should be careful about the job which you are doing with your fingers. 


It represented the health and beauty of teenagers and wisdom and vitality when we became old.


Hands show the work of a person, what he had done like a will, and wishes of the person. We do all the work by our hands, so we should be careful about what we are doing because it can be good or evil as well.


Head is the center part of the human body; it indicates the entire body of the person. It the main point of receiving the blessings.

What are the seven gifts of God?

As per the Catholic Church, seven gifts are there, which is revealed by God.


It is the primary and one of the greatest gifts of God. It works according to the will and intellect. It helps to understand the point of view of God. It allows a person to recognize the reality.


It the second gift of the Holy Spirit, and it helps to accept the wisdom of God. Sometimes it’s a hard time to receive the wisdom of God.


It is a gift of right judgment. From counsel gift of the Holy Spirit, people can face the truth and take a stand to make the right decision.


This gift is related to courage. By taking this gift people will not be afraid to take a stand for God’s truth.


Knowledge can make a person understand that what has the purpose God has for him. 


It is the sixth gift of the Holy Spirit and perfection of the virtue of the religion. 

So we can worship God and serve Him out of love.

Fear of the Lord

The person with this gift can understand the greatness and awesomeness of the Lord. A person can understand they are in a relationship with God.

What Does The Bible Say About Health and Fitness?

Bible also gives us a message like God also takes care of people’s health. He treats our bodies as temples. Many examples are there where God has shown that people’s health is a matter to him. Some of the Old Testament also says that God concerns about the health of the people, and he always encourages them to use natural ways to promote health.

He also said that your body is a gift of God, and it’s not yours; you were bought it at a price. So you should honor God by this body. This body has needs, and you should fulfill its needs; otherwise, it will impact your brain, and you won’t be able to focus on the work that is important to you.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

A person has soul and spirit, both of which are given by God. We are created from this earth and became a living soul. This is the reason our senses are contained in the earth. This is why our feelings and behavior changes according to the atmosphere which is happing around us. A person who is living according to the soul will always be live by thinking what others are thinking about him.

With the help of spirit, we are connected to God. Now I live with this mindset that my body, senses will smash on this earth, and then finally, I have to serve my spirit to God. This will be a life of faith as per human understanding.


So, in the Bible, God has taught us many things about how we should live this life with more dignity and truth. We should take stand for truth and have faith in him. We should live this life by considering that we are living as spirit, and ultimately we have to meet or serve to God.


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