What is one fundamental principle of Motivation which inspires students to work harder?

Learning is the Main Motivation factor which inspires others also to work harder in their life to accomplish their goals. Self-motivation is also needed to achieve the goal in tough times. Some principles are available, which can help teachers to understand the mindset of the students. So, they can display them the power of learning.         

General principles of Motivation

Motivation is the best experience of desire and aversion. Motivation has both the critical objectives like you want something in your life, and you want to let go of something from your life. It can work in both situations.

The American psychiatrist Abraham Maslow developed a theory of human Motivation that he outlined in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation. The basic principles of Motivation are the learning which can be used by the students and inspire them to do hard work towards their goals.

The environment can be used to focus the student’s attention on what needs to be learned.

Teachers who try to create a warm and accepting atmosphere will promote learning motivation. They motivate the students who are good learners by capturing their attention and curiosity.

Incentives motivate learning 

It means students should get something as a reward after achieving their goals. Motivation without reward doesn’t work. Rewards should be given by the instructor, and students need to find the understanding that goals are beneficial for them.

Internal Motivation is longer lasting and more self-directive than is external Motivation.

Some students feel a lack of self-motivation, so teachers need to direct and guide them. The use of incentives is based on the principles where students find learning more satisfactory. Sometimes teachers need to encourage the students to learn something because, in some cases, learning comes from the time.

Motivation is enhanced by how the instructional material is organized.

Teachers need to organize everything very clearly to make them understand the meaning of the study. The crucial learning principle involved is that achievement is more predictably motivating than is not a success.

How to motivate students?

The subsequent are some research-based strategies for motivating students to discover.

Become a role model for student concern.

You should deliver your presentation with more confidence and energy. They can see the Motivation in your presentation, and it will motivate them also. Make them understand why you are interested in this course or information.

Get to know your students.

Every student is different from each other; you need to understand them very deeply to make them motivated. Share some interesting things with your students and inspire them with your loyalty. Show them the strong pros of the learning.

Use examples

Most of the students want to know why the study is important for them. So, you teach them in a way where you can show them some examples of the same.

Set realistic performance goals

Set realistic goals and encourage them to accomplish their goals. Guide them on how they can achieve their goals by taking some action.

Place appropriate emphasis on testing and grading.

The test can be used to display the best thing of the students or in which they have mastered, not the things they are weak in. Give an equal chance to all the students to get higher grades.

Effects of Motivation on Learning Styles.

Motivation will impact on the learning styles in many ways. Some of them are given here.

Deep learners

Those students who are deep learner; these are intrinsically motivated students who enjoy the happiness of teaching. They react positively in every situation and able to solve the entire confusing situation.

Strategic learners

These leaner’s who got motivated by getting rewards and some perks to achieve the goal. They respond well to the competition and inspire others also. They are the learners who learn something to make something like grades, marks, etc. and after that, they forget everything they have learned.

Surface learners

They are students who motivated to ignore the failure. They study to pass the exam and complete the course. They are not deep learners. 

What is the Model of Intrinsic Motivation?

  • The activity should be exciting, and once the students find the event interesting, they might feel encouraged to complete or participated in that activity.
  • Students judge the activity on two factors; stimulation, which gives some challenges and curiosity, and the other one is personal control, which is not too complex to attempt.
  • If the students join the stimulation activity and found it controllable, he will think the action is exciting and try to engage in it. If it happens opposite, he will disengage with the action unless someone motivates them from externally to continue.
  • If the students find the activity controllable continuously, then he will engage with it again and again in the future as well.
  • But if the activity is stimulating and controllable most of the time, then students will think it’s not interesting. He will remove this activity from his mind as an exciting activity.
  • The challenge is students want some activity that should be stimulating and offer students a degree of personal control. 

Who gave the principle of Motivation?

The American psychiatrist Abraham Maslow has created the theory of human Motivation. Abraham Maslow has focused on the different types of Motivation, which can be seen by spoken to their relationship with others. He has defined it in five levels.


It is related to the most prominent food, water, and shelter


Safety of both physical and emotional state

Love and belonging 

Love and belonging among friends, lovers, families, and communities motivate the person


Being respected and valued will also increase the confidence level of the person


It is creativity and spiritual growth


So, Motivation is an essential factor in our lives, and every student is different, so the teacher needs to be very creative and confident to show passion to the students. Learning is a basic example of Motivation, and students can achieve everything in life by getting this attribute.


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