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Who are the Dinar Chronicles?

The Dinar Chronicles are the gurus who are posting about the latest news and blog about the daily Iraqi, Dinar Intel, and updates. There is a Dinar chronicle chat room available, which is made by the Dinar guru’s owner. To enter the chat room person should be 18 plus in age.

What is Dinar?

Dinar is the currency used in many European countries like Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, etc. It is a term to initialize the basic monetary unit like other countries like the USA having dollar. Dinar is also known as the KWD in the shortcode.

Why Dinar is so Expensive?

Dinar is the most expensive currency in the world. European country like Kuwait has the highest currency in the world as Kuwaiti Dinar. The reason behind the expensive currency is that they export the oil, which means they are wealthy countries in the form of economic stability. Indian emigrant area is most powerful in Kuwait, which is why Dinar and Indian Rupees are the famous currency pair.

Who is Dinar Guru?

Dinar guru is the platform that tells you on the Iraqi Dinar investment and latest news. There are many Dinar guru websites available, but can you believe that they are telling the truth.

There is some evidence that some Dinar guru websites are making up lies to us. There are many Dinar gurus are available which is paid by the dinar companies.


Several investors in the Iraqi Dinar are not ready for the future. They assume that by buying the Iraqi Dinar, they will become rich.

What is the Iraqi Dinar (IQD)?

Iraqi Dinar is also known as IQD in short form, which is a currency of Iraq. The central bank of Iraq passes on the IQD, which is made of 1,000 Fils. Dinar is the smallest unit of currency, which is used today because of inflation, and for the same reason,

Fils is not used. Dinar is the currency of Iraq, which is introduced in 1932 by replacing the Indian rupees. It is the official currency when the British taken the country 1st world war.

Dinar is a very strong exchange currency, and at the time of World War 1, 1 Iraqi Dinar was equal to 11 Indian Rupees. As we know, the Iraqi Dinar is the most strong exchange currency in the world, so; they didn’t accept the US dollar in 1971 for the financial exchange. After that, Dinar reduced some percentage.

In the year of 2015, the Iraq government had introduced a note of 50,000, which was the biggest currency note after demonetization of 2003.

What is Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Scam?

When the United States of America had changed the currency from old Saddam Hussein to the new notes officially, then Iraqi dinar Revaluation has started to discuss. In the one press release, Iraqi Dinar Revaluation had been discussed to be deleted from the 50 IQD note from the circulation past April 2015.

Most people are not ready to believe that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue. After doing so many struggles, Iraqis had decided to use the US dollar for the big purchase more than $25 till then their country gets under control.

How Long Has The Iraqi Dinar Scam Been Going On For?

Many people visit the Dinar forums and think RV is about to happen. This is happening for ten years. When the new currency came out in 2003, people started to expect that Iraq will remove the zero, so; they postponed it again and again. People can do only one thing before investment in the Iraqi Dinar is to educate them about the investment. People believe in things like their 100,000 investments will double, but it’sits not possible.

Is the Iraqi Dinar investment is a good idea?

Investment in the Iraqi Dinar is the same as the investment in any other currency. You need to buy some amount of Iraqi Dinar by paying some amount of US dollars. Like we used to invest in the stock market and buy something after that, people wait to raise the price.

How we recognize the scam?

Few factors need to be identified while investing in Iraqi Dinar.

  • If the scheme is running by a single agent of known brokers and some financial organization.
  • If it is promoted by an unofficial platform like online, email and telemarketing, etc.
  • If someone promises higher returns.

What is Dinar Value?

The opportunity was made to present the Iraqi Dinar loss into the form of profit. Scammers make us believe that profit will become if Investors buy the Iraqi Dinar at today’s value and exchanged it later once the Dinar rate will be raised. Investors need to buy from the BH group organization that charged a 20% markup on average.

Is the Iraqi Dinar ever going to Revalue?

According to the sources, there is some news about Iraq had planned to redenominate its currency but not the revalue. When the revaluation was absent, then there was no change in the Forex exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar.

What are the prospects of the Iraqi Dinar?

There are many regional fights, and civil war is the concern in today’s Iraq, which comes with the possibility of splitting into three separate regions. If that will happen, investors won’t get paid ever for holding the Iraqi Dinar and waiting for value appreciation.

Iraq has the oil reverses, which means Iraq can establish itself as a stable and wealthy economy. After a long eight years war of Iraq and Iran, it managed to do so. But investors need some time to build up their confidence in establish the business atmosphere.

The other story is Iraqi Dinar is just a scam. The important factor about this matter is IQD trades in the Forex black market instead of usual banks. Plus, there are some wrong statements published by the Iraqi dinar scheme publishers.

Examples of Buying and selling Iraqi Dinar outside of Iraq

Dinar is not usable outside Iraq, and purchasing the Iraq Dinar is means purchasing cash from a broker and stores it with them. Investors who want to sell their Dinar then they can only sell except for back to a broker because there is little demand outside Iraq.

Iraqi Dinar Live Forex Rates

Forex is the platform that exchanges the currency. There are some situations where people want to know about the exact Forex live rates, but they don’t have any idea about it. Forex exchange rates can change any time by a minute. In the Forex market, the Iraqi Dinar is one of the strong currencies, and it will provide you with the right mode.

Some interesting facts about the Iraqi Dinar: Dinar Chronicles

Many trading firms are used to sell the Dinar to long term investors who are willing to purchase Dinars because of low exchange currency rate. Few facts should be discussed here for the long term investors.

Investment in Iraqi Dinar currency

Do you think that the Iraqi Dinar will be the same as it used to do in 1980? There are only two reasons which try to make us believe that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue.

The first one is the bank of Iraq is trying to do all the possible things to reconstruct Iraqi Debut and restore the faith of Iraqi international currency and its market economy.

The second reason is the prime minister and president of Iraq, who wants to end the country’s corruption. They also want to remove the corruption from international companies’ export oil.

The new strategy of the government is to boost the sale of oil, which can restore the assets of the country faster than creating any other Iraqi industry.

Once Iraq can turn the oil into the cash, it can produce 2 billion barrels a year, and each barrel can sell up to $100, which means 2 billion barrels can get up to $200 billion a year.

The Ottoman Empire Once Rules Iraq

In 1638, the ottoman Turks became a strong military power that occupied the lands from the Tigris Valley to the Euphrates Valley.

The Ottoman had restricted south-eastern Europe up to the city gates of Vienna and Middle Eastern lands of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Israel. Ottoman Empire has ruled North Africa and Alegria in the west and Iraq as well. After that, the Ottoman Empire has also known as ottoman Iraq.

It has ruled Iraq till 1704 and divided into four eyelets like Bhagdad eyelet, Shahrizor eyelet, Basra eyelet, and the Mosul eyalet.

British seized Iraq in World War 1

World War 1 has rearranged the hierarchy of the dominant geopolitical, political power, and changed the map of the world between July 1914 to November 1918. The Middle Eastern area of World War 1 is also known as the Mesopotamian campaign. It was a series of wars between the British and the Ottoman Empire. After forcing so much to the Ottoman Turks, Britain was ready to seize Iraq, which had ruled Iraq for a long time.

In 1920, League of Nations had granted the British mandate over Iraq. The British government had installed the Hashemite monarchy, and Iraq had to work as a protectorate for almost 17 years. On October 3, 1932, Iraq got its independence after League of the nation had accepted Iraq as a member.

The British Dragged Iraq into World War II

Now, Iraq has been an independent country and not ruled by Britain. But because of some reason, Iraq has to rely on the Britain Government. The reasons were Iraq’sIraq’s economic power, and military power was not so good. Because of this dependency, Iraqis had to lead with many failed revolts against the British Influence peddling.

Under World War II, the Iraqi government had tried to come out from Britain’s s government monarchy rule. This time, Iraq has combined with axis forces. The British military had broken the revolutionary movement and forced the Iraqi government to support the allies. In 1958, the Iraqi population had overthrown the monarchy of the British controlled.

The Rise and Fall of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was a powerful man of Iraq in 1976. He was not only the formal head of the government, but he had more power. In 1979, Saddam Hussein had ruled the Iraq country as a dictator.

For almost 30 years, he had ruled Iraq, and his statue is available outside the many villages. His portrait has increased the beauty of every government office. He is one of the most famous and respected names in Iraq. Poets write the poetry on him and indicate his name in the social gatherings.

How to Stay Updated about Dinar News

People who are thinking of investing in Dinar must be updated about the exchange rates and economic of Iraq. They have to keep themselves informed about the revalue of the Iraqi Dinar. Interested people can collect information about the same from Dinar chronicles websites, news websites, and the Central bank of Iraq’s website.

Dinar chronicles will provide the best information about Iraqi Dinar after covering much news. People should not only rely on the Dinar chronicles information infect they should also get the information about themselves by checking the long term foreign exchange rates, which are equally important for investors.


So, Dinar chronicles are the websites, blogs, and platforms that provide information about the Iraqi Dinar exchange rates and other news. Investors who want to invest in Dinar must be connected with Dinar chronicles. They have the best way to suggest the Iraqi Dinar investment and revaluation.

Don’t go with rumors, just do your research before finalizing any investment in the Dinar. In this Dinar Chronicles Blog Page, I hope readers will get enough information about the Iraqi Dinar and chronicles from here.

























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