Under Which Circumstances, People get Intoxicated?

People get intoxicated either willingly or unwillingly. Citizens must understand the seriousness of the issue concerning intoxication before getting into a detailed discussion on the subject matter.

What is Intoxication?

Intoxication is drug or alcohol-induced unconsciousness that significantly affects the mental and physical abilities of humans. Alcoholics become addictive by consuming it on a regular basis. Sometimes, intoxication is imposed forcibly by giving drugs for deception or theft.


Types of Intoxication:

There are various types of intoxication, which are briefly described below.

Intoxication while treating patients: 

Drug-induced intoxication primarily works well in patients suffering from fatal diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, and Migraine, etc. Patients with such ailments suffer a lot. Health care professionals recommend taking painkillers, which is called intoxication.

Intoxication is due to drinking alcohol:

Alcoholics can’t live without consuming alcohol, because they become habitual. As a result, their bodies relapse once they stop consuming it. They don’t perform their daily activities effectively without consuming alcohol.

Intoxication in case of theft or deception:

People are intoxicated when someone makes them consume drugs forcibly or without their knowledge. It happens when the culprit thinks of committing a crime, such as rape, deception, theft, or falsification of the legal documents.

What does it mean when someone gets intoxicated? 

Due to intoxication, a person remains unconscious regarding things happening around him. An intoxicated person can be easily manipulated by the people around him because he doesn’t remain capable of making a better understanding of things. It simply means he has consumed toxic substances, or he is cheated by someone.

Effect of alcohol on alcoholics:

Alcohol makes a person addicted if consumed in excess. Therefore, it is often observed that alcoholics behave differently than a common man. They experience blurry vision while driving; consequently, there are chances of fatal accidents. Therefore, drink and drive are strictly prohibited.

Effect of drugs on youth:

Youngsters under 15 years of age can get manipulated easily. As a result, they indulge themselves in fatalities consuming life-threatening drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. Sometimes, their bodies relapse due to the unavailability of such drugs. Once they are made available, they consume it in a heavy dose that may lead to severe consequences.

How fast can a person become intoxicated?

Women get intoxicated faster in comparison to men in case they consume alcohol. Otherwise, it takes 10-15 minutes to make a person fully tipsy. Drug intoxication is relatively faster than alcohol and tobacco because it is injected directly into the bloodstream and creates life-threatening addiction.

Is it easy to treat an intoxicated person?

Intoxicated persons, such as youngsters highly addicted to drugs, can only be handled by an expert team of health care professionals working within rehabilitation centers. It is quite tough to handle them at home. However, those who are forcefully made intoxicated can be cured by the hospital staff.

Few steps to consider before handling an intoxicated person:

  1. One must be calm before going to handle alcoholics or drug addicts.
  2. He should avoid arguments of any kind.
  3. He should have the capacity to deal with the situation in a friendly manner.
  4. Avoid making him uncomfortable in front of others.
  5. It would be better if someone takes him out to have a conversation in private.

Is it legal to serve an intoxicated person?

Selling narcotics and alcohol to completely intoxicated individuals is considered unlawful because such practice may further lead to body injuries or fatal accidents. Once caught, sellers have to pay the fine. There is a strict law against selling drugs or alcohol illegally. Moreover, they can’t sell such toxic substances to minors.

What are the signs that reflect a person is intoxicated?

  1. Dehydration in excess.
  2. Vomiting and stomach pain.
  3. Vision impairment.
  4. Inability to judge.
  5. Poor Balance.
  6. Clumsiness.
  7. Incoherent Speech.
  8. Lack of judgment.

Intoxicated person and contracts:

Alcohol or drug addiction completely affects the professional life, because such persons create difficulties at the workplace; consequently, they are fired by their bosses. They lose many opportunities because of addiction. Everybody complains about such people within office premises.

What are the tricks that are proved to be helpful in sobering up an intoxicated person?

  • One should stop drinking alcohol immediately once he feels he has consumed more than regular.
  • Increase water intake approximately one glass for every drink a person consumes, which helps in excreting out salt content.
  • One must stop himself mixing drinks in case he has already consumed alcohol. Moreover, he should avoid mixing of other kinds of drinks as well.
  • There are few home remedies as well that may be helpful in making a person less intoxicated.
  • Youngsters need to get admitted to the rehabilitation center once they start consuming drugs because they can’t treat themselves manually. Initially, they need to develop will power before taking treatment.

Apart from the above-mentioned list of preventive measures, people should start taking adequate diet, exercise, and sleep. Every individual is different; therefore, the effect of drug intoxication and alcohol-based intoxication also varies. Intoxication due to alcohol and toxic drugs has a temporary effect on their minds, but it has severe long-term consequences.

Effect of drug intoxication on children:

Initially, children start taking alcohol and drugs for the sake of pleasure following their friends, but they become addicted to such substances later on. It is even seen that they die due to drug overdose when their parents don’t give them much time at home.


Consuming alcohol and drugs on a regular basis has devastating effects on consumers in the long run. They suffer from severe hormonal and other ailments, such as diabetes, cardiac arrest, and high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, they should restrict themselves from consuming toxic substances.


This article is merely for the sake of information. Intoxication is undoubtedly harmful to people of all age groups. Forceful intoxication is illegal and is possible only in case of theft and deception. One must be aware of things happening in the surrounding area.


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