Ideas from Europe Inspired the People In The Colonies

What is the European Colonization?

European Colonization was the program to get a one-sided political control over another nation. When one nation subjugates the other nation and defeat the people of the country and exploits them, then it’s called Colonization. Europeans forced people to use their language and accept their culture. Most of the countries of the world had been colonized by the Europeans at some point.

The main purpose of Colonization is connected to the empire, which is the concept of using authority and controls the people of the other nation. The reason behind this also related to the economic growth of European countries. They were facing some financial issues, and they decided to start Colonization on the other nations.

Why did Colonization start?

The reason behind the Colonization was mainly related to economic, political, and religious. At the time of Colonization, many established countries like Germany, France, and Great Britain were facing the loss of money. So they decided to increase their power by starting the Colonization in other countries. Some countries easily Colonies by the European countries because they were dealing with some internal disputes between the leaders, and Europe had taken advantage of those rivalries. Africa is one of the best examples of this statement.

What are the Examples of Colonization?

Colonization meaning is just one nation controls the other nation by ruling their rules and regulations. People who want to live must have to agree with their terms and conditions. For example- England ruled over India for 190 years.

Ideas from Europe Inspired the People In The Colonies

Enlightenment is the idea which is also famous as an age of reason. In the 18th century, it was a great idea and cultural movement that was an important reason over false notions and science on blind faith. The people who were Enlightenment thinkers have questioned acknowledged the new information and spread the idea regarding frankness, and religious lenience between Europe and Americans. Many people also believe that Enlightenment was a significant phase of the western civilization which replace the age of darkness with the age of light. Several ideas cover the enlightenments, which are stated below.


It is the idea that humans are capable enough to gain knowledge of their stream. They don’t need to depend on the church and other religious authorities to gain knowledge.


It explains that knowledge can be gain through the experience and observation of the world.


It is the kind of faith that humans can make unlimited linear growth with the help of the power of reason. This was also helpful in the English Civil Wars in the 17th century.


It is the result of enlightened thinkers who can see as an active citizen of the world. They were concern about the country and can be seen as creative and minded people. They have done so much hard ward to rule by the reason.

Which country colonized most countries?

It depends on the time; at the time of the age of discovery, two countries were the leaders who were ruling over most of the countries i.e., Portugal and Spain. These two countries were colonized most of the areas of South America and southern Asia. After some time, France was the top country in the Colonization; it replaced the previous two countries. They had ruled on some territories, Africa, and Asia’s parts.

Then later, Britain has started to colonize the countries, and it has ruled the nation of North America, Africa, Eastern and Southern Asia, and also Australia. So it’s clear that it is a matter of time of ruling but at the same Britain had ruled on many nations.

Which country started Colonization?

According to research and facts, it was the time of the 15th century which is also famous as the age of discovery. So, at that time, Portugal was the country that was searching for trade directions and civilization outside the area of Europe. Later, many European countries started Colonization to help their economic power.

Which countries are still colonized?

Many people must be wondering that still any countries are available, which is colonized today. But it’s a bitter truth. Yes, some islands are still colonized by many countries and territories. Throughout the world, eight countries are there who are maintaining them. These countries are Australia, which has six islands, Denmark, which has two islands, the Netherlands has two islands, France has 16, New Zealand has 3, Norway has 3, the United Kingdom has 15, and the United States has 14 islands. Mentioned countries ruled these islands and controlled them as per their term and regulations.

How does Colonization affect us today?

Colonization is frequently considered as an idea or activity of the far-removed past that has little to do with the present advanced reality.¬† This couldn’t possibly be more off-base. European Colonization had and still has a lot of effect on countries, those of the worldwide south, even though a considerable amount of time has gone since Columbus set sails. Because of the lingering impacts of Colonization, countries have needed to experience household and universal difficulties in defeating the force associations with previous colonizers. Many countries are still struggling with their economic power and make it a developed country in the world. Colonization is the process which had destroys the foundation of most of the nation.


Colonization still affects many countries, as we discussed above. Colonization had affected the many countries of the world in a very bad way. Many people and political parties had fought for their rights, but due to some reasons, they were failed. Many nations need to manage their domestic and international policy very carefully today. Both the parties, like colonizers and the colonized, have to keep in mind that this situation should not happen in the future.


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