What is the role of education in life?

Role of Education

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. It creates awareness and expands the overall vision, which eventually helps them to be successful in life. Only an educated person can contribute to the economic growth of the country.

With the help of relevant educational qualification, youngsters can quickly get job opportunities in their respective fields. Primary education is the mutual right of every citizen across countries. Therefore, primary education is a must to live comfortably within communities.

The main purpose of the study:

The primary purpose of the study is clearly defined because it depends upon the individual interest of the students, but still, it has different roles in different fields.

Role of study in primary schools:

Primary education is mandatory for the growth and development of a child. Visiting schools in early age facilitate them to communicate with their classmates and friends. Moreover, they listen to the command of their teachers. During school days, they learn languages, which enable them to communicate within the society.

Except this, they learn moral values, social responsibility and punctuality. In primary schools, they develop their individual interest by participating in singing, drawing, painting and sports competitions based on which they decide their future plans to get success.

Role of study in professional life

In case, students dream of becoming a successful healthcare professional; they would like to do study in medical stream. Similarly, youngsters choose their desired profession by choosing streams specifically related to that particular profession. Scientists, Astronauts, Doctors, Engineers and Fashion designers want such courses that help them to get their dream job.

Importance of education in my life:

Education has provided me with infinite job opportunities. I had learned multiple languages. Presently, I am a renowned language translator. Apart from this, I have done graduation in science due to which I worked for the pharmaceutical industry for seven years.

Role of education in our day to day life:

Primary education is a necessity because it facilitates youngsters to communicate well with friends. Therefore, it is necessary for them to attend school at an early age, because they learn how to write, speak, read and listen in their schools. Apart from this, primary education is helpful for them to read signboards and other official documents which is otherwise impossible skipping schools.

How is education related to success? 

Education plays an important role to grow higher than normal in your career growth ladder; otherwise, higher education has nothing to do with an abnormally successful person. In my opinion, education and success are different parameters. Education makes a person understand things better in comparison to a less educated person. In contrast, Engineers, Research and Development team, Healthcare Professionals and scientists study hard to become successful in their respective fields. A scientist gets recognition only after presenting his research work or discoveries he made during the study.

Tertiary education provides with knowledge and necessary skills required to find a suitable job outside in the market. An uneducated person may be deprived of practical knowledge and relevant skills appropriate to get success in future. Therefore, there are fewer possibilities for an uneducated employee to grow higher within the organizations.

Do you Consider Education is necessary for Success?

Studies undoubtedly help youngsters to achieve their goal in life. Intelligent people get recognition and respect in their respective fields. Education provides them with appropriate resources to get success in life, but nothing is possible without hard work. To get success, one must be keenly interested in learning new things. There are some power personalities who got fame and respect in their respected fields without education.

Few examples of power personalities who got success without education:

Below mentioned is the detailed information regarding the power personalities across the globe that are less educated.

Sachin Tendulkar-

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is a renowned name in the cricket world who achieved success by playing in the Indian cricket team. He scored over 100 centuries in his entire cricket life. He won various national awards for his contribution in cricket. Sachin Tendulkar had failed his matriculation exams.

Mark Zuckerberg-

He is a college dropout from Harvard to work full time to create Facebook, one of the most trusted and world’s largest social networking website. He is presently a renowned name in the field of technology. His estimated worth is $34.8 billion.

Charles Culpeper-

Founder & CEO of Coca Cola Company, dropped his school to invent the world’s most popular brand.

Bill Gates-

Co-founder of Microsoft has achieved a lot of success in life and became the world’s richest person for around 13 consecutive years. Bill Gates too dropped Harvard to launch his own company. According to him, the professional degree course is not always necessary.

Henry Ford-

He is a billionaire and was born to a low-income family. Henry Ford never went to school, but eventually became the owner of Ford motor company. He is known as the richest man in history.

Michael Dell-

the founder of Dell computers, started his own company when he was in college. He immediately stopped going to college to work full time for his company. He is again a billionaire.

Liliane Bettencourt-

She was born to the owner of the world’s largest cosmetic company. Liliane Bettencourt was not interested in higher education. She joined her parent company when she 35 years old and became a principal shareholder. She died in 2017 with $44.7 billion net worth.


Education provides numerous benefits, but it doesn’t provide guaranteed success to the individuals. It has a significant role in making people understand things much better as they can analyze the possibilities. Apart from this, children learn etiquettes, moral values, social responsibility, discipline and punctuality visiting primary schools.

On the other hand, abnormal success is the result of creative minds and persistent hard-work. As mentioned earlier, all prominent entrepreneurs of the world achieved success due to their creativity and hard work, and all of them were college dropouts, but still, they are billionaires. Will power, creativity and hard-work also contribute to the success of the person.

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