Which Country is the most Patriotic?


Before getting into the detailed discussion on Patriotism, people should learn the actual meaning of Patriotism. It is a feeling of national pride in which people share the same sentiments related to their motherland. Devotion, respect, and ability to fight for their motherland is known as Patriotism. 

Patriotism in Military:

Patriotism found in defense is known as Chauvinism. Army men work for the protection of borders from cross-border terrorism and other anti-national activities. They serve for national pride and for the protection of civilians. Word Patriotism has come from Late Latin (6th Century). 

How can military Patriotism within a country maintain peace?

The military plays a significant role in the case of a huge massacre within civil society, and the situation becomes completely out of control. Police administrations then ask for military supervision. Patriotism among army members prevents them from killing innocent people, thereby helping them in protecting humanity at large. As a result, they take superior steps to control the violence for the maintenance of peace. 

Patriotism among civilians:

It is not always true that only the soldiers or army people are fully patriotic; there are exceptions as well. There are policemen who serve day and night honestly to protect their civil society. Apart from this, even a normal citizen can be more patriotic than any other government officials as countless national heroes in our Indian history fought for independence and created a milestone. 

What do Americans think about Patriotism?

According to Americans, Patriotism means work for the betterment of the community where we live. Willingness to pay taxes and the ability to volunteer for the betterment of senior citizens is known as a real Patriotism.  

List of the countries considered most patriotic across the globe?

Patriotism is an internal feeling among citizens toward their motherland. Based on a survey conducted recently, below mentioned is the complete list of patriotic countries worldwide. 

  1. Morocco, and Fizzi.
  2. Pakistan and Vietnam.
  3. Bangladesh.
  4. Azerbaijan.
  5. Papua New Guinea.
  6. Afganistan and Georgia.
  7. India, Turkey, Finland, Thailand, Philippines, and Armenia.

Moreover, young people aged 18-34 are keen to fight for their respective countries compared to the other age groups. Women’s percentage in fighting for the communities has also improved significantly. 

Morocco and Fizzy:

Morocco and Fizzy have the highest 94% rate of Patriotism, therefore considered the world’s most Patriotic country. They are loyal toward their nation. 

What are the reasons behind Patriotism in Moroccans?

Moroccans fought against their foreign enemies and got success in history, but with the passage of time, people started adopting westernization under the influence of French authorities; nevertheless, patriotic feeling survived among Moroccan youth. They took initiatives to create awareness regarding diminishing cultures. They finally got success in raising the Patriotism among citizens.   

Evidence regarding Patriotism among Moroccan youth:

Moroccan High Commission conducted investigations among the youth of the country. They collected questionnaires filled by the youth population of the country between the age group 18-45. The designed questionnaire was categorized on the basis of different parameters, such as their moral values, emancipation, their views on various social issues, and their primary concerns.

Result of the study

As per the result of the study, 98.4% of Moroccan youth consider Patriotism their prime responsibility, families stood 2nd, while religion comes third. Progress of the country, work, and education are least important to them. As a result, Moroccan youth is considered less educated.  

Vietnam and Pakistan: 

These two countries stood second with the second-highest 89% patriotism rate. Similarly, Bangladesh is ranked third in the Patriotism rate, while India, Finland, Turkey, Philippines, and Armenia are ranked 5th for Patriotism. 

Primary advantages and disadvantages of Patriotism:

Primary Advantages:

  1. Patriotic personalities work for the betterment of the country besides taking care of the community at large. 
  2. They remain ready to fight for the rights of the people in the community.
  3. Countrymen can contribute to protecting their motherland joining defense. Army protects citizens by preventing anti-national activities and cross border terrorism.
  4. During the crisis, Patriotism helps people to unite themselves by keeping their differences aside. 

Associated Disadvantages:

There are undoubtedly a few disadvantages associated with Patriotism which is mentioned below in detail:

  1. Many times, Patriotism overpowers humanity; consequently, citizens across the nation crush people mercilessly. 
  2. It is often seen that even an ordinary citizen of the enemy nation suffers a lot because of cruelty due to Patriotism. 
  3. It is unfair to assault or kill people of the other nation just because they hate your country.  
  4. Moreover, Patriotism compels police and administration to maintain law and order through regular patrolling across the streets of all major cities of the world. 

Why is it essential for people to be patriotic?

Patriotism makes communities united: 

Love for the nation and solidarity make people realize that they are united to do something good for the country. Aggression is apparent when somebody displays a flag of the enemy country; consequently, people join hands to protest for such kinds of anti-national activities. 

Patriotic youth makes the country much stronger:

The patriotic population works together to achieve a common goal, making a more vigorous nation at each platform across the globe. Even in emergencies, such countries build a reputation across the globe by working for the betterment of humanity not only within the country but all across the world.  


This article is all about Patriotism that makes you understand the real meaning and importance of the subject. Readers will come to know what various facts and role Patriotism plays in keeping country and countrymen safe from enemies. Moreover, it is beneficial for the country as a whole.

Apart from this, there are some consequences as well, which are briefly discussed. There is a detailed discussion of the world’s most patriotic countries. Population with less Patriotism doesn’t show interest in the development of the country; such people don’t contribute towards the economic growth of the country.


This article is merely for the sake of information in which Patriotism has been described in detail.


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